About Me

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I love creating outfits.

I love my job at The Social Outfit.

These two things are good, given that my passions are to make art and work with people on social projects.

Here, I collect images of my outfits. So it turns out, I also like to archive.

From now on, this site will be short on words, and more about images.

I hope you enjoy what you see,

Jackie xo


More about me, and how my blogging started…

At the beginning of 2010 I thought that I’d like to share my love of Ken Done – because he was turning 70 that year and 1980s Australian fashion is *ace* – and in the process also raise awareness and hopefully some money for The Social Studio fashion social enterprise.

(And actually, I’d already started being interested in daily fashion before this. In 2008 I took a photo every day of the outfit I was wearing. I didn’t share the photos publicly; I just kept them as a record.)

What Ken Be Done‘ started on 29 June 2010, and each day for a whole year I wore a different piece of Ken Done clothing and shared my photos and outfits online. By the end of the project on 29 July 2011, we’d had an absolute ball, and with the support of many people we’d raised over $25,000 for The Social Studio in Melbourne. This project worked because so many people supported the idea and came along for the 1980s-Ken-Done-fashion ride. It was a *hoot*!

In the process of ‘What Ken Be Done‘ I also learnt more and more about what The Social Studio did in terms of education and employment, and I loved their use of creativity and community building.

I was living in Sydney, and The Social Studio was in Melbourne. What would happen if we replicated their creative work with people from new migrant and refugee communities here?

The goal of setting up The Social Outfit began in earnest in December 2011. I started the ‘ShowTellShare’ blog in February 2012. As you can see, like many ideas, it started slowly, and it took a lot of effort, and a lot of people to actually get the idea off the ground.

Then for almost two years – from February 2012 to December 2013 – I shared with you on this blog the weekly work I was undertaking to make The Social Outfit an ongoing reality in Sydney. We ended 2013 with enough funding secured to now set up The Social Outfit for real. Exciting! I really like that I got to share with you a bit about the work that is required each and every day to set up a project I believe in. I also love that it took a community of supporters to get us this far, and that we’re going to keep at it.

Fast-forward to late June 2014, and The Social Outfit opened our doors to the public from our home at 353 King Street, Newtown. Most days, you’ll find me there, working with our community…