ShowTellShare One

Tell: Umbrella from Japan, op-shop glasses, Tatty Devine jewellery, Nicola Waite jacket worn as dress (from op shop), vintage belt, vintage beads from op shop, The Social Studio leggings, Fluevog Shoes, Honolulu Academy bag from Hawaii.

Share: Today marks my leap in a new direction: I’m now working on bringing The Social Studio to Sydney. And I want you to be part of it too. More *good* fashion! More colour! More Social Studio!

Where I’m standing right now is also the wall Bec and I modelled in front of the night The Social Studio won the Sustainable Design Award, by Fashion Group International in March 2011. I had such a great evening that night, and it solidified my love of The Social Studio and what it aims to achieve.

In July 2011 when I finished What Ken Be Done I felt so happy that we’d all made a contribution to helping The Social Studio be a success. As it turns out, I couldn’t stop…

You see, the more time I spent with The Social Studio, the more I believed in their vision of creating real opportunities for people from refugee backgrounds. The Social Studio’s creative approach of using fashion design as a catalyst for employment and education is exciting to me.

So why not see if we can create the same opportunity for people from refugee backgrounds in NSW? Luckily, with the support of the Slingsby Foundation, we’ve already secured some seed funding for me to start this work.

This blog will chronicle my efforts. I’m going to post up my outfits, and ShowTellShare with you what The Social Studio is producing, and how I seek to build support for our Sydney expansion. Make no mistake: I’m not doing this alone. I hope you are going to be part of this too. I hope you’ll join me as we keep doing good in a fashion…