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Tell: Glasses from op shop, handmade earrings, necklace from Maui, jacket from op shop (yes, I realise it’s actually a dressing gown!), singlet from op shop, belt from op shop, The Social Studio skirt, stockings from Japan, Fluevogs, Jenny Kee bag from eBay, Tatty Devine cat ring and bracelet.

Share: Bright colours for the Big City!

I’m heading into Sydney CBD for a day full of meetings to discuss with people bringing The Social Studio to Sydney. Wish me luck!

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Tell: Glasses from Japan, earrings from the US, vintage dress from op shop, Sportscraft belt, stockings from Myer, Fluevogs, red ring a gift from Jo.

Share: Today I wanted to share with you my happiness at how the colours of this outfit work together. Simple pleasures. And, as a person with a deep love of reds, I’m gearing up for some of those *rich reds* in The Social Studio fifth runway collection… (see a sneak peak more from… almost time! xo

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Tell: Glasses from op-shop, earrings from Santa Barbara, necklace from op shop, purse necklace from Berlin flea market, TS dress, Diane Freis skirt worn as dress (from op shop), Estilo belt, Underground Creepers from ASOS on sale, rings from Italy.

Share: I arrived last night in Sydney with enough time to make it to a dear friends 40th birthday. It felt just the right occasion to bring out my new Underground Creepers for the first time. They certainly proved popular!

They’re my first ASOS purchase and one I thought long and hard about; justifying in my mind the distance and cost. Still, I’ve been eyeing off Fluevog Brothel Creepers for over a year now, and haven’t been able to find a pair that quite suited, so when I stumbled across these, I decided they’d suit the bill. So far, so *good*.

And my rings from Italy: the two plastic ones from Rome and the silver one from Florence. I hope to treasure these pieces for years.

Happy Sunday to you all, xo.

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Tell: Glasses from op-shop, earrings from Japan, Laura Ashley shirt from op shop, The Social Studio singlet as vest, leather skirt from op shop, Fluevogs.

Share: Top 10, but no cigar. Vodafone World of Difference and I are not a match this year. Bummer.

Then again, I always knew the challenges were going to be there. Fundraising is hard, hard work. I’m still learning. Each ‘no’ becomes a lesson. Still sucks though, let’s be honest.

And that’s why I’m ShowTellShare-ing this whole *shebang* with you. Your support helps to keep me energised. Really.

So if we’re going to bring The Social Studio to Sydney, it’s going to be because of working hard. That means I have to keep trying, and I have to keep explaining why it is a *good* idea.

(Just so you know, I’m listening to ‘When the Going Gets Tough‘ as I post this… I’m not that brave without a bit of 1980s gold and a saxophone line-up to help me!)

Back to Sydney now…

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Tell: Glasses from op shop, Skirtmaster Sydney jacket from Savers op shop Frankston, The Social Studio top, Miss Shop dress from op shop. leggings gifted from Benny, Simon de Winter socks, Fluevogs.

Share: Dressing for an interview. Luckily I have a pair of leggings Benny gifted me at the end of What Ken Be Done; which is a *good* touch seeing as he’s helped to get me this far with the Vodafone Foundation World of Difference. Of course, wearing The Social Studio for luck, and to remind why I’m doing this in the first place. Hooray! So with colourful nerves, I’ll let you know how I go… and thanks for all the support via the ShowTellShare Facebook page, Twitter (@JGRuddock) and here. xo

Happy Harmony Day too. I know may not always achieve *fashion harmony*, but in society, my hope for harmony is what keeps me going!

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Share: The sharing comes first today as I’ve been shortlisted in the top 10 for the Vodafone Foundation World of Difference program, and my interview is tomorrow. Being successful with this grant will allow me to work for a full year on setting up The Social Studio in Sydney. It’s such a great opportunity for us to move forward, so please wish me luck! Eeek! Importantly, a big thanks to David from the Slingsby Foundation and Benny from The School for Social Entrepreneurs for acting as referees for me: having people to support me and The Social Studio is a real energy boost at this early, critical stage.

Now with me looking after my Mum and step-Dad in Melbourne, I’m Skyping in, so the system has been tested today, and looks to work, which is the first relief. Here’s an insight for you into my nervous, and yet excited demeanour as I sat by the computer:

I’m wearing a dress I’ve had for years now, made by the African Women’s Sewing Circle in  Southern NSW… another great example of ethical fashion, locally made:

Show & Tell: And here too, is another great supporter and friend, Scottie. Imagine my *delight* when I ran into him last Tuesday in The Cutting Table quite by accident. We’ve known each other for years and years. Scottie is a photographer, and he’s now working in Collingwood. He tells me he comes into The Cutting Table every day for a banana smoothie. I was so excited, I asked him to send me a photo of him having one, so I could post it up on ShowTellShare. And as you can see, this is what Sydney needs too – happy faces like this:

As he said, “so good I finished it before he got back to the office!” Thanks lovely Scottie for sending me in a photo, and *mostly* for supporting The Social Studio too! xo xo

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Tell: Vintage kaftan from Savers Frankston, Jessica Dance necklace.

Share: Trust the Savers op shop in Frankston to come up with 1970s kaftan goodness. Without my full wardrobe at my fingers, I can’t quite style this piece up like I would want to, but it does serve me well as a comfortable nursing outfit as I take care of my Mum. Certainly I bring a little more colour (and hopefully, more compassion) than Nurse Ratched!

ShowTellShare Eleven

Share: I’m in Melbourne looking after my Mum who has just had some surgery, so things may be a bit quiet here on ShowTellShare for a week. The good news is Mum’s operation went well, so now I can just concentrate on looking after her. The *SECOND* good news is that, thanks to my trusty friends and supporters, I can still offer you some fashion fun and The Social Studio *goodness* today…

So check out darling Althea, who stopped by The Social Studio and The Cutting Table yesterday:


Tell: Now that’s what I call a great time: first a bit of quality food in The Cutting Table cafe, and then onto some fabulous Social Studio fashion! I think you’ll agree she looks to be having a pretty pleasant time, indeed! (And even better for you too: the remaining TSS4 clothing collection in stock is now 50% off, so you can pick yourself up a bargain as well.)

Thanks Althea for sharing xo xo

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Photograph of The Social Studio fifth collection, courtesy of Hayley Hughes, with permission.

Tell: Thank *goodness* for professional photographers like Hayley Hughes at runway shows; at least I can share with you now some more photos from the fantastic fifth collection of The Social Studio. Check out her latest post here from the Penthouse Mouse runway shows, including The Social Studio. I can’t wait until the collection is ready for buying and every-day styling a-la Jackie!

Share: And here’s me yesterday, out for a family event for one of my nephews. You can see I’ve take The Social Studio long silk skirt (first seen here) and worn it as a dress. The ability to wear this gear on both sides as well is a fashion-bonus!

Glasses from op shop, earrings from H&M Japan, Tatty Devine necklace, silk flower from YoungBloods markets, wrap-around top, The Social Studio silk skirt worn as dress, stockings from Japan, Fluevogs, Linda Jackson bag.

And what a delight this outfit caused in the wind!! xo

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Tell: So yesterday I couldn’t resist going to see the exhibition of Linda Jackson’s fashion work at the National Gallery Victoria. It’s one room, it’s free, and it is *well* worth the visit (and it’s on until September). In fact, for any Australian fashion fan: It. Is. A. Must.

I won’t overdo the photos, but here’s just a taste of the colour highlights:

Also, it has renewed my LOVE of a huge headpiece for every-day-dressing. Let’s hope I can craft more of these in fashion photos to come!

My dream is that one day I can have Linda Jackson involved in The Social Studio. She knows about The Social Studio, and let me know when she saw them in The Age paper last year. Imagine what could happen with this kind of cross-fashion-creativity!

Linda Jackson: I salute you! True. Genius. xo


Earrings from Santa Barbara, Laura Ashley shirt from op shop in Fyshwick, Canberra, Miss Shop dress from op shop, Kmart leggings, Dr. Martens shoes from Berlin, Linda Jackson bag from eBay.

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Show: There’s so many photos to Show today! So I’ll do the Telling and Sharing part as we go along…
So here we are at Penthouse Mouse last night for the Midmouse Runway, showcasing the fifth collection of The Social Studio as a part of L’Oreal Fashion Week. Standing next to me is Po who has her own fashion tumblr. It is so *great* to be in Melbourne supporting The Social Studio; check out some of the showcased collection:

I know the quality of the photos isn’t the best, but it was so hard to get a shot properly: the models are moving so quickly! I gave up trying to get shots immediately, so these photos here are the handiwork of the Hawaiian First Officer. Thank *goodness* I had someone with expertise on hand; all I could do was *gush* at the clothes! (And when the lookbook is available I’ll post the link, of course).

This is me and Stephanie Kabanyana: she designed and made the beaded necklaces that were showcased with The Social Studio’s collection. The beads are handmade from the same fabric, and I can’t wait to take a closer look at them in the shop next week. Another lady who loves wearing bold colour, as you can see…

And here’s me with the lovely (Fashion) Hayley Hughes! I’ve been reading her blog for ages, and I was so pleased we got to meet in person. She was taking shots for the runway show, and I’m pretty sure the quality of her picks are going to be a whole lot better than our attempts! I also told her about the plan to bring The Social Studio to Sydney, and she’s excited about the prospect… I *love* the idea of growing support for this great initiative with people from within the industry like Hayley!

And this is me with Farah Farouque, who is the Chair of The Social Studio Board, and also an Editor with The Age newspaper. The Board is very supportive of us looking to expand into Sydney, and Farah is so warm and welcoming to me and my bright clothing!

Finally a bit of a look at my outfit for the night: glasses from op shop, earrings from Japan, Jessica Dance necklace, Ken Done 1980s jacket from eBay (bought after What Ken Be Done, may I add!), The Social Studio silk skirt, Fluevogs, ring from Rome.

A great time, all round. xo xo

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Tell: Vintage handmade dress, bought from eBay (it was a long dress and I cut it off, hence my matching headpiece), glasses from Japan, Tatty Devine necklace, earring from the US, Saba cardigan, Sportscraft belt, Tatty Devine balloon purse, leggings from Kmart, stockings from Myer, Fluevogs.

Share: Happy International Women’s Day!

And in fashion matters, Happy International Women’s Day. *Go* women!

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Tell: Op-shop glasses, Tatty Devine for Tate necklace, The Social Studio singlet, Esprit singlet, Ken Done vintage skirt, Fluevogs.

Share: I’m heading down to Melbourne for The Social Studio’s runway show of their fifth collection at Penthouse Mouse this Friday as a part of L’Oreal Fashion Week. If you’re in town, I’d love to see you there (7.30pm show). Otherwise, I’ll be sure to be tweeting photos madly!