ShowTellShare Thirty-Four

Show: Oh, how I love wearing The Social Studio and other, fine, local Australian fashion. That grin is *pure* joy!

Tell: Glasses from op shop, earrings from the UK, Tatty Devine necklace, vintage belt worn as necklace, The Social Studio felt jacket from TSS4 collection, Dragstar dress, Black Milk leggings, Trippen sandals from outlet store in Berlin, Oroton purse from op shop, Ken Done scarf (*love*).

Share: So much meeting and greeting over these past two days… Yesterday I met and chatted with Tom from StartSomeGood about crowdfunding, and then I met with Celia at Dragstar about running boutique fashion labels locally (and ended up being involved in their *rad* competition. Check out my impromptu presentation skills – or lack thereof – here ). Below is Ingrid and I unveiling the Dragstar winner:

A big thank you to Tom and Celia for your time and expertise. Very helpful. Then today I met with Natasha who is writing a media piece on The Social Studio for Andable (who are launching in May – check it out – like Etsy with social impact).

And next I’m off to meet some of the lovely women from Africa Konnect. Plus, all this fun while wearing this *excellent* The Social Studio‘s felt cape… check out the back detailing… Yep, it’s like louvre system while I zip around the joint!! And, of course, a Happy Friday to you, xo

ShowTellShare Thirty-Three


Tell: Jean Lafont glasses, ‘Parisian-inspired’ shirt from op shop (lovely piece of polyester!), Sportscraft belt, Katies skirt from op shop, Fluevogs.

Share: What do you get when you cross a social entrepreneur with information on crowd-funding, with a boutique fashion business owner? Well hopefully what I’ll get is some great advice and good inspiration today for The Social Studio when I meet these two folks! I’ll keep you posted how I get on…

You have a *good* one today, too xo

ShowTellShare Thirty-One


Tell: Tatty Devine earring, Diane Freis top from Manly op shop (see how it’s the ‘matching’ top of the skirt I made into a dress here in STS16), Levis organic cotton jeans (I gave them the cuffs, I can barely handle jeans), Camper boots.

Share: Just a quick post, as I’m working at my university job today, and need to get cracking. I did want to take a moment however to *THANK YOU* so much for all the lovely comments about my newsletter update. I’m so glad you liked it and you got that it is about me being creative and giving information in a different, fun way. As you know, I really want to see The Social Studio set up in Sydney – and this was my own small way of sharing that hope. So ‘woot, woot!’ for you! And, because the age of commenting can now be across a multitude of social platforms, I just wanted to share with you a couple more encouraging comments from supporters:

“It is a great newsletter. I can’t remember the last time I read a newsletter from top to bottom!”

“Love the newsletter you sent through, very quirky.”


There were plenty of wonderful words, and I thank you each and every one. You see, you guys are like my new Tatty Devine earring from eBay; it’s based on a street sign from Japan (we got a photo when we were there last time, see below). By holding my hand, and being a support, you help me do better! OK sure, maybe a bit sappy, but I don’t care!! xo

ShowTellShare Thirty


Tell/Share: Not an outfit today, but a location. The small kitchen table in our teeny apartment where the *magic* of The Social Studio Sydney happens part-time every week. This is the table at which I penned my new Newsletter Update, hand-drawing the story of my first 24 days. With this update I wanted to try a different way of communicating other than the highly stylised and sometimes generic forms a newsletter may take; all too often easy to ignore at busy times. I wanted to be more intimate and share more personally my efforts to see The Social Studio succeed in Sydney. Plus, I just love being creative and I so *admire* people who can make comics…  So I hope you enjoy. As for me, I’ll keep working away at this kitchen table… A Happy Monday to you xo

Oh, and any other project people out there, the software showing on my computer is called Trello. It is free, secure and one of the best Project Management tools I’ve ever seen. Highly recommended.

ShowTellShare Twenty-Nine


Although it looks like I’m trying to pour tea on my dress, what in fact I’m attempting to show you my new Spin Dance petticoat! But alas, I was running late last night, so I’m afraid this is the best shot of my lovely teal petticoat I have for now. Hardly anything! Oh well, I’ll just have to wear it again soon…

Tell: Jean Lafont glasses, Photios brothers necklace with Tatty Devine brooch, Retrospec’d dress, Spin Dance petticoat, stocking from Japan, Fluevogs and my Amilya silver leather tea pot handbag from Himeji, Japan.

Share: We were off to a friend and his partner’s dinner party last night. As the boys were hosting us so graciously, I borrowed The Hawaiian First Officer’s Tatty Devine ‘Gilbert & George’ brooch to mark the occasion. As it turns out, one of our hosts had heard them recently in Melbourne when they were touring. And we had such a lovely evening with delightful company. Good times!

ShowTellShare Twenty-Eight


Tell: Glasses from Japan, earrings from op shop, handmade necklaces and bangles from South Africa, Jaxson Dee vintage dress from Chapel Street Bazaar, Uniqlo leggings, Fluevogs.

Share: My Dad and step-Mum recently went back to South Africa to visit family, and bought me home these *wonderful* necklaces and beads at my request. I remember these so clearly as a kid… I’d be sent them regularly from family to me in Australia as I was growing up. I love the colours so much, but somehow over the years had lost or broken them. The women who make these pieces are so skilled; such fine craftsmanship. So I asked Dad to stock up lots this time so I can wear *heaps* of beads all at the same time. Today’s a pretty subdued version, but never fear, soon there will be more, more, more!

The relative quietness this week on photo-posting and updates on The Social Studio is just because I’ve taken a moment to catch my breath – after putting in another grant application on Monday – to work out how much I’ve done so far, and what work I need to keep focusing on. Shortly, you’ll see my reflection efforts… exciting!

And never fear, the weekend is here, so there will be a dressing-up post tomorrow for sure. Until then, take care and have fun! Oh, and *Happy Birthday* Darling David M! xo

ShowTellShare Twenty-Seven


Tell: Glasses from op-shop, earrings from Japan, Tatty Devine necklace, vintage Studibaker Hawk dress, Trippen shoes from Rome, and Ken Done bag from Enmore op shop.

Share: We were off to Tilly’s Naming Day today. And, as the First Hawaiian Officer says that Tilly is like a little spirited tiger, I was inspired to wear my Tatty Devine tiger necklace as a tribute to her, and all that she can be in this world… She’s lovely!

ShowTellShare Twenty-Six


Tell: Jean LaFont glasses, Anna Davern earrings from Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art, Tatty Devine necklace, bodysuit from Berlin, Sportscarft belt, vintage Katies shorts from op-shop, Fluevogs.

Share: Sometimes, when I’m having a crisis of confidence, the best thing for me to do is put on a really big pair of *spectacular* earrings… And, some high-waisted shorts. (Then, go and spend time with my friends and loved ones.)

ShowTellShare Twenty-Five


Tell: Glasses from Japan, earrings from op shop, Tatty Devine giant zipper necklace, The Social Studio silk dress, (underneath) red dress from op shop, stockings from op shop, Fluevogs.

Share: This is probably the only time in my life when I’ve been “on trend” by wearing a piece of fashion that is from a contemporary collection; in this case, with The Social Studio’s latest designs. Still, I think the way I’ve paired it with pieces in my own wardrobe has *swiftly* taken the outfit back to more of my own ‘style’… however that might be described! (Like “bleeding eyes”, for example.)

And here below is me with Sydney’s Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, on the last few days of What Ken Be Done? She heard me when I was the guest speaker at Aurora Fundraising Dinner. Who would have thought ten months later I’d be meeting with City of Sydney Council to talk about bringing The Social Studio to Sydney? I’m hoping I can seek some support from them for a small project, including a pop-up store, to keep The Social Studio Sydney ball rolling. One thing’s for sure: in an outfit like today, it’s hard to doubt my fiery passion!


ShowTellShare Twenty-Four


Tell: Glasses from op-shop, handmade earrings, Tatty Devine necklace, vintage dress from Berlin markets, boots from op-shop.

Share: Trying to set up The Social Studio in Sydney is a part-time gig for me – I have to pay the rent as well – so today I’m off to my other job, working at a university on research projects. As you can see, I’m not sure I’ve *completely* lost the hysterical look in my eyes, but then, change does come slowly! xo

ShowTellShare Twenty-Three


Tell: Glasses from Japan, handmade earrings, handmade necklace, Cotton On bodysuit from op-shop, EasySt 1980s jumpsuit from Red Cross op-shop Newtown, Saba belt, Happy Socks, Fluevogs, bracelet from South Africa from my Dad and StepMum.

Share: Sure, I *know* I look like I’ve just walked off the set of Play School. And, I’m pretty happy for it to be like that. Good times! xo

ShowTellShare Twenty-Two


Tell: Glasses from Japan, H&M earrings from Japan, Saba cardigan on sale, Anna Bennett dress from Parramatta op shop, Fluevogs, and my HookTurn Industries coffee cup.

Share: This is one of those points when things start to feel a little crazy and challenging (does my hysterical laughing pose give it away, much?!). There’s so much work to be done! I’m working on The Social Studio Sydney expansion part-time and I’m developing the feasibility plan, fundraising pitch, holding supporter meetings, and trying to keep the momentum going. Everyone so far has been incredibly supportive… and it’s now the work of turning that theoretical support into on-the-ground backing. It’s a magic mix, and one I’m still learning.

I was headed out to Parramatta today, but my plans have changed, so I guess my Sydney Circular Quay landscape dress will just have to stay in the Inner West, as I get down to funding documents. Thank *goodness* I’ve already have some coffee in me – whatever it takes to keep doing the work!


ShowTellShare Twenty One


Tell: Glasses from op shop, handmade necklace, Diane Freis vintage dress from op shop, belt from op shop, Camper shoes.

Share: Did you see that on Channel 10’s The Circle program yesterday, they featured The Social Studio in their fashion section? It was all about up-cycling clothing and eco fashion. My favourite bit was when one of the hosts says something like, ‘I’ve visited their store, The Social Studio’s stuff is amazing’. And she’s so *right*! xo