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Tell: Photios Bros vintage earrings, Sussan skivvy from op shop, Zzitto shirt from op shop, Sportscraft belt, skirt from op shop, Uniqlo leggings from Japan, Fluevogs.

Share: Today I met with Sophie Bartho who is the founder of the 1$ Day campaign. Sophie and I have been meeting up over the past few weeks to talk through the challenges and successes of starting new ventures which have a *social good* at their core. Spending quality time with Sophie is great, and by talking with her, I am reminded of how we can each learn from one another when we’re open to it. I certainly know that come Wednesday 25 July this year, I’ll be donating to her charity.

And in fashion related matters, this shirt is another *hilarious* example of 1980s fashion thinking: just check out the oversize nature of this shirt – it’s almost like a kimono / robe – and yet it’s labelled a size 10! Go figure. Then again, the colour-pop action this top achieves can’t be questioned… and it even has sequins on the back, around a stiletto. Priceless.

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Tell: Glasses from op shop, Tatty Devine necklace, unlabelled dress from second hand store, Spin Dance petticoat, Fluevogs, minature case from Japan.

Share: Yesterday I met up with Emma-Kate Wallace who runs an ethical fashion social enterprise called WEFTshop. It was really lovely to meet up and chat with her, and especially to look at the expertly-crafted fabrics and scarves made by the women she works with on the Thai/Burma border.

Moments like those are when I feel much excitement at the possibility in the growth of ethical fashion and manufacturing in Australia and beyond… Must. Make. It. Happen.

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Tell: Skivvy from op shop, Kay Attali shirt dress from op shop, Ben Sherman vest, *FAKE* Ken Done brooch (falsely sold on eBay, and maybe actually Viva La Wombat?), Country Road denim skirt from op shop, Fluevogs.

Share: In Adaptive Leadership theory there is a term known as ‘holding steady’. For me this means when you have done as much work as you can do at a particular time, and for a while, you have to wait until circumstances come together to help direct future paths forward. This week I’m ‘holding steady’ on The Social Studio Sydney. This is because for the last 6 months, part time, I’ve collected as much information as I can, and now I’m waiting to shortly meet with trusted allies to assist me to make some decisions moving forward. So now, this week… well, now I just mostly wait. The hardest part about this can be the *waiting* itself, especially when The Social Studio is something I really want to see happen, but at the same time, I have to be realistic; and *wanting* something isn’t always enough. So there you go: this is me, waiting. And, I figure, if I’m going to *hold* still for a while, I may as well do it with some colour on… xo

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Tell: LaFont glasses, Tatty Devine bird rings on necklace, vintage Sportscraft dress from Penrith op shop, Fluevogs.

Share: Today I’m going to the Thanksgiving Service to celebrate the life of Steve Lawrence. Steve was a founding member, and on the board of The School for Social Entrepreneurs. I worked with him for over a year in 2008-09. Then in March this year, attending an SSE Graduation, Steve and I caught up, and this photo below was taken. We actually had quite a funny conversation at the time, and I’m really glad now I have this photo; it’s lovely to look at memories like this and think about our shared histories and shared learning, together.

Sally McGeoch, me and Steve Lawrence.


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Tell: Glasses from Japan, H&M earrings from Japan, Esprit skivvy from op shop, Ben Sherman shirt from outlet, The Social Studio t-shirt as vest, vintage Vogue tartan tie from op shop, Lea Stein vintage brooch from London, Fletcher Jones tartan skirt from op shop, Fluevogs.

Share: Got to *love* when the seasons change in Sydney, and you can really begin to layer clothing, as well as let one’s inner ‘Tartan-Adoration’ fully out!

I had a very important meeting today, so naturally, I donned on The Social Studio, prepared as best I could, and tried to put my best foot forward. Time will tell… xo

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Tell: Glasses from Japan, earrings from op shop, Esprit skivvy from op shop, vintage Laura Ashley dress from Rozelle markets, vintage apple brooch from op shop, Fluevogs.

Share: I have some important meetings coming up for The Social Studio in Sydney soon, which is exciting, and keeps me busy with preparations. I’ll keep you posted as they progress. Slowly, but surely…

And today, with my other job at university – when I need to look warm and welcoming for some interviewing we’re doing – nothing in dress says this better than vintage Laura Ashley, I think. And this post is probably very poignant for my Mum, who, for the first fifteen years of my life fought with me to wear the Laura Ashley label (she *loves* Laura Ashely, but I ‘hated’ it, at the time). Look at me now Mum, buying it myself! Doing you proud, yes?!

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Tell: Emu Australia Design 1980s drop-waist dress from op shop, necklace gifted by Bec, Penguin Classics vinyl tote from UK, Fluevogs.

Share: The flash on the camera is playing up, so I have a bit of that ‘vaseline lense’ going on in these pictures. Although, potentially, this may actually also help soothe the eyes when looking at me wearing an *orange* *drop-waist* *1980s* dress! What can I say: I love this dress, even if I may be the only one! xo

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Show: Today we took the car – *cough, cough* ahem – I mean the car handbag and my green eyebrows, and headed down to the new Museum of Contemporary Art

Tell: Glasses from op shop, earrings from Shag Melbourne, Tatty Devine bow necklace, 1980s Louis Feraud dress from a Berlin op shop (a fashion *score* of the century!), Spin Dance petticoat underneath, Fluevogs, car handbag from Hawaii, vintage bakelite cuff from my brother and sister-in-law from New York. A special thanks to The First Hawaiian Officer for such lovely, fun photography xo. Third photo is in front of artwork by WA artist, Rebecca Baumann.

Share: What a *lovely, lovely* way to spend my birthday xo xo

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Show: If I paint the top of my eyelids with colour, why wouldn’t I just paint my eyebrows as well?

Tell: Jean LaFont glasses, handmade earrings, Tatty Devine necklace, MKOne bolero from UK thrift shop, bodysuit from Berlin, Oroton belt from op shop, Ken Done vintage skirt from eBay (with Spin Dance Petticoat underneath), Fluevogs, Ken Done tote bag.

Share: Just returning to *Ken Done Love* after some recent press from The Vine about my What Ken Be Done project and KD’s influence on Australian fashion. The article’s title is ‘Australia’s Top 10 Fashion Brands’. And who knows, maybe in a few short years we will be reading about the influence The Social Studio fashion brand has had on our contemporary Australian landscape, including better, and more creative, opportunities for people from refugees backgrounds. I just know *something* like this is going to happen, in fact, I know it must.

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Tell: Tatty Devine necklace, vintage beaded necklace from my Grandmother, handmade jacket from op shop, Claire Pain brooch from Melbourne, The Social Studio silk dress, The Social Studio gold leggings, Fluevogs, vintage purse from my Mum.

Share: We were out for a *fancy* dinner last night, so *naturally* I just had to wear The Social Studio. I’m a bit annoyed because the photos here don’t really feel like they capture the TOTAL fun-ness of the outfit (I was having problems with the flash). Still, nothing to really complain about because I had a ball, and part of that was just because I simply love wearing The Social Studio. xo

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Tell: Tatty Devine zipper necklace, handmade vintage dress from op shop, Table Eight dress from op shop, Jonathan Aston stockings, Lacoste boots from sample sale, Ken Done tote bag.

Share: Yesterday’s outfit, shown today. Last night I met up with a good friend of mine who also happens to be a finance-whiz. She’s agreed to run her accounting-eye over my The Social Studio Sydney 3-year budget, which is great. I have *deep* respect for people who can ensure all the formulas within an Excel spreadsheet are working effectively!

And because I also have a *significant* respect for budgets and finance per se, I wore some of my best gold and silvers…

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Show: Bat-wing Tuesday!

Tell: Glasses from op shop, earrings from op shop, handmade necklace, Diane Freis silk 1980s top, vintage leather skirt from op shop, Fluevogs (Oh, and Happy International Fluevog Day!).

Share: What can I tell you? Well I’m working hard on a report for The Social Studio Sydney feasibility plan. But then again, you knew that didn’t you? I mean, when you wear bat-wing 1980s tops, *everyone* just knows you’re hard at work! xo

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Tell: Promenade oversize shirt from op shop, Table Eight dress from op shop, Uniqlo leggings from Japan, Trippen shoes from Rome.

Share: This morning I rang my Mum and told her that her present for Mother’s Day from me was a flight up to Sydney with my niece and nephew, for a weekend holiday, in a few months time. Now that *fun* news has made for a *good* Sunday. xo