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Tell: Handmade earrings, scarf gifted by my sister-in-law, Sue Bookallil bolero from op shop, ‘In Collection by Betty Barclay’ 1980s jumpsuit from op shop, Saba belt from outlet, Trippen boots from Berlin outlet, Ken Done tote.

Share: Yesterday I had a great meeting with Sarah Chisholm. Sarah and I know each other from our days working together at Streetwize Communications, which is over six years ago now. Since then, Sarah has been involved in a number of social enterprises, including working with a group of African women on a sewing cooperative down south (The African Women’s Sewing Circle, SCARF). Sarah’s super keen in The Social Studio model here in Sydney, and so we talked about her being involved as we move forward. This is exciting news because Sarah not only comes with a lot of experience and expertise, she also *loves* art-based initiatives too. Now she’s off to Europe briefly, including a visit to a fashion social enterprise in Paris, called Sakinamsa. I’ve asked her to send photos, and tell us about the experience. (Plus, when my internet is working properly, I’ll put all the hyperlinks properly in).

And in more fashion-related news: yes, it’s a 1980s jumpsuit. Yes, I’m also wearing it with my lovely Trippen sample shoes from Berlin. And yes, this outfit made me VERY *happy* ! xo

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Tell: Handmade earrings, handmade necklace, Jill Fitzsimon long dress from op shop (she’s a classic 1980s Australian designer), vintage ‘Made by Surf Knit Sydney’ dress from op shop, Lacoste sample boots.

Share: I’m having pretty significant internet issues, with my provider telling me our loading speed is below the days of dial-up. As anyone who tries to post blogs with images knows, this proves problematic. So I’ll keep trying and hopefully in a couple of days it is sorted.

Yesterday’s outfit perhaps includes a little less colour than usual, but it has it’s own *win* involved. That is, I worked out how to wear two dresses in a new way: long dress underneath with short dress over the top. I’m pretty happy the experiment provided a good-enough first result, and now I can try many, many other options. Ah, dressing: it never gets old to me… xo

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Tell: Glasses from Japan, Esprit skivvy from op shop, ‘Yukari Tamato’ for Sildoll (Japan) scarf from op shop, The Social Studio cardigan/jacket, Katies skirt from op shop, stockings from Myer, Fluevogs.

Share: If all goes to plan on an ‘average’ day, I can get this whole web-posting process down to about an hour, even less if I’m super lucky. And then, some days everything just takes FOREVER. This is one of those days. I’ve been in Melbourne – and you would think I could have had my photo in front of a million *fun* things – but because I was running from one thing to another, I couldn’t stop for a photo. Never quite caught a break. And then I get home and loading photos isn’t working properly (…bloody Internetz…). Thing is, it’s actually  like a metaphor for trying to set up a social enterprise start-up. Sometimes, some days, the plan just doesn’t work. It doesn’t necessarily mean everything has gone to shit… just maybe that it’s best to wait for another day to re-strategise and re-align. (That said, I will make sure I at least try and post something. Deliver at least on one part if I can; even if it’s small – and with no links working…)

Thankfully, too, I have a bit of a *zen* motif on today despite the difficulty: my new The Social Studio bright red cardigan / jacket. If anything helps to keep me focussing on what counts – it’s knowing my belief in The Social Studio and what it does. I *like* keeping my purpose front and centre: doing good in a fashion. xo

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Show: When a gal like me comes back to Melbourne for some family, and The Social Studio, a bit of fashion *sparkle and fun* is in order:

Tell: Glasses from op shop, Tatty Devine necklace, Barry Joseph dress from op shop, leather gloves from Florence, Jonathan Aston tights, Fluevog boots. Vintage Tuahia 1980s leather jacket.

Share: Yes, what you are looking at are long, fingerless, black leather gloves. I kid you not, I’ve been looking for gloves like these for YEARS, and I ended up having to go all the way to Florence, Italy for them. So naturally, they are now *precious* items, which I hope to be wearing well into my eighties…

And because I packed pretty poorly – especially for the Arctic-like Melbourne wind – I got to raid my Step-Mother’s wardrobe for extra warmth. How *lucky* am I that I could borrow this original 1980s leather jacket? I feel like I’m coming off the set of Dynasty… wonderful!

I also popped by The Social Studio to say hello and have lunch with lovely Grace (the CEO). I adore being able to hang out, even if briefly, just to soak up the vibe and general *goodness* of this place. Naturally, I also made sure I did my *ethical duty* and purchased a few choice pieces too!

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Tell: Vintage Escada silk shirt from eBay, Sportscraft belt, Katies skirt from op shop, Caledonia stockings, Fluevogs. Second photo: ‘Young Elegante’ Sydney cape from op shop.

Share: A post from Sydney airport… via Parramatta. This morning I set off early to Parramatta City Council to work with the Community Capacity Building Team on their workshop about auspice relationships in the charity sector. My job was to tell my own stories of being involved in auspice agreements: which after 10 years in the sector, I realised is really quite varied now! I had a ball at the workshop and left feeling *energised* which is good, because I’ve been up since 5:30a.m. and now I’m heading down to Melbourne for the weekend. So I can do with all the energy I can get right now…

And fashion-wise, wearing vintage 1980s Escada – especially their *bold* silk shirts – always helps to *boost* me through a day.

I’m looking forward to sharing some weekend posts from Melbourne town… xo

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Show: This The Social Studio skirt/dress is such a delight: I love the colours, and how I can play with stylings (see also here and here). Every time I don it on, I *instantly* feel fun and creative…

Tell: Glasses from op shop, Jean Couture Melbourne silk jacket from second hand store in Tasmania, handmade necklace, Kamikaze top from op shop, The Social Studio ‘Magical Tent Collection’ silk skirt as dress, Saba belt, Black Milk leggings, Fluevogs.

Share: *Good* to see too that yesterday the Sydney Costume Designer came back for some vintage oversize Ken Done jumpers for this ad-in-the-works. Apparently the Ad Director insisted on these cultural icons! I, of course, can see exactly why: we call it *Ken Done Gold*:

Yesterday was World Refugee Day. And as I said in my Twitter update (@JGRuddock), quoting the Refugee Council of Australia, “Every individual’s ‘refugee story’ is different”. This is why I think The Social Studio model offers something special in the mix of Australian support: the chance to be creative, to have people’s strengths celebrated, and to contribute in an *exciting* way into the creative industries of Australia today. xo

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Tell: Glasses from Japan, earrings from Santa Barbara, Yayoi Kusama necklace, Leona Edmiston dress from op shop, TS14+ dress underneath, belt from op shop, Fluevogs. Below: Classics Debenhams wool cape.

Share: I’m running out the door, so I couldn’t give you a close-up of the great fabric on this dress – sort of orange/red swirls – which have turned into some pretty *fun effects* in the longer shot. What I did have time for was to also show this *beautiful* wool cape that I stole from my Mum a few years ago; and that is seriously such a great staple piece for cooler days. Mums: often so, so generous. Love. xo

And look, I even ‘matched’ my eyes red in this photo below too!

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Tell: Lafont glasses, vintage Hawaiian Varsity Jacket gifted by the First Hawaiian Officer, 1970s apple-perfume necklace gifted from my Mum, necklace from op shop, Ojay top, Dragstar denim skirt, Sportscraft leather belt, Happy Socks, vintage 90s Fluevogs.

Share: Despite looking like I’m auditioning myself for a low-fi ‘Grease’ musical production, I actually spent the afternoon shooting the breeze with a dear friend of mine. A lovely casual Sunday, really. Mahalo xo

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Show & Share: Introducing the delightful Antonia, one of *smart and sassy brain people* helping me work on bringing The Social Studio model to Sydney. Yesterday she visited The Social Studio in Melbourne – and she had a great time meeting with Grace and experiencing all that The Social Studio has to offer. Check out all those amazing clothes! (Antonia got herself a scarf, but I have eyes for that tartan…)

So who is Antonia Ruffell? She’s a philanthropy adviser for a private wealth company here in Sydney. Antonia is a *whiz* with all things fundraising and grant-making, and she’s worked with some leading charities in both the UK and here in Oz. Plus, she’s almost-always got a glint in her eye, a great British accent, and I’m really excited to have someone feisty like her on board! Over the next little while, I’m hoping to introduce you to all of the people working with me on this project.

But in the meantime, it’s Saturday night, so I’m off to catch up with some friends…

Tell: Morgan & Taylor hat reworked by me with lip buttons, Uniqlo skivvy, wool skirt as dress from op shop, The Social Studio felt jacket, owl brooch from YoungBloods markets, Juicy Couture patent leather boots.

Plus, you can only just see it peeking through, but I’m sporting pink eyebrows tonight…

And finally my Tatty Devine perspex crystal rings, en masse, plus others. Just love my knuckle dusters…

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Show: What’s this? A *HUGE* pile of my Ken Done collection… But what’s it doing in a suitcase? Where could it be going, you say?

Tell: Glasses from Japan, Ken Done vintage shirt (from eBay), Tatty Devine necklace, Ken Done vintage jacket, skirt from op shop, Fluevog boots (a birthday gift), Ken Done vintage bag.

Share: So thanks to the success of What Ken Be Done – specifically that if you search ‘Ken Done’ in google images, there are heaps of pictures of me in The Guru’s clothing from my 365-day-KD-odyssey – well, this week I got contacted out of the blue by a Sydney-based costume designer. And do know what she wanted? This fashion professional wanted to hire some of my vintage Ken Done collection for an advert she is shooting. That’s right, I just got paid like, *actual* money so this lovely lady can use my Ken Done *gold* in an ad you’ll soon see on television!

And do you know what is the best part? Well, the money I make from this fun deal goes straight into spending time and energy to keep working on setting up The Social Studio model here in Sydney. My Ken Done Love is still helping The Social Studio dream: now *that’s* doing good in a fashion!

So, in celebration, I donned on some *new-vintage* Ken Done, and I’m going out!

Yeah, I’m pretty happy today… Ken Done and The Social Studio, For The Win!! xo

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Tell: Skivvy from Kmart, Jenny Kee ‘Kee Art Australia’ dress from eBay, Sportscraft belt, Jonathan Aston stockings (blue), red stockings underneath, Happy Socks, Fluevogs.

Share: If ever there was an argument for publicly displaying your passions and having a bit of fun, we’ll today I got my reward. I know this statement is completely obtuse, but I’m hoping to share the odd, and small-ly fun news soon. It’s hilarious! Will keep you posted, I promise. What I can tell you is these two things:

  1. Take your ‘wins’ where you can, and
  2. High-heels and socks – now there’s a gift!


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Tell: Necklace a gift from Bec, Barry Joseph dress from op shop, two pairs of stockings, and Fluevogs.

Share: This week and last has really been about research and reports for The Social Studio Sydney. I know it doesn’t necessarily make for the most *exciting* reading, but it’s the truth. These are the times when you need to bunker down and actually check out the social business and model you’re developing is going to be efficient, and make a difference.

As a small recompense for (potential) work ‘dryness’, I’m pleased to say I’ve re-discovered the *joys* of double-stockings in this cooler weather: one coloured pair and one patterned pair over the top. Expect more to come! (I’m just warming you up with two of the same colours today…)

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Tell: Glasses from Japan, H&M earrings from Japan, Sussan skivvy from op shop, ‘Finlan of Mebourne’ kaftan from op shop, Saba leather belt, necklace from Northern Africa, Fluevogs.

Share: The day started off with a little tiff, when I commented that the First Hawaiian Officer was getting a bit over-dressed for a casual and relaxed Saturday with only the running of errands on our agenda. By the look the FHO gave me, I take it that my own outfit wasn’t as ‘casual’ as it felt in my head either. But, c’mon, it IS a kaftan! What do you think? Casual or overdressed for an errand-running Saturday?

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Tell: Vintage Versace shirt from op shop, necklace from op shop, Saba skivvy, ‘Creaciones Natian’ Mexican skirt from second-hand store Santa Barbara US, Spin Dance petticoat (underneath), Fluevogs.

Share: I love this skirt. I can’t believe I never showed it during What Ken Be Done, but I was never quite able to coordinate an outfit with this Mexican *gem* and The KD Master. And then today I end up pairing it 1990s Versace… All in all, a perfect outfit for this Friday.