ShowTellShare One Hundred and Nineteen

Show: Presenting, my new 1980s high-waisted wool check pants from a Mornington op shop, to celebrate National Op Shop Week:

Op Shops Forever!

Tell: LaFont glasses, earrings from op shop, Tatty Devine necklaces, gifted wrap top, American Apparel leotard, ‘My Fairway Lady’** high-waisted wool pants from Mornington Salvos, Happy Socks, Fluevog shoes.

** I’m pretty sure with that label these are not only golf pants, but golf pants with a bit of humour (i.e. ‘My Fair Lady’ becomes ‘My Fairway Lady’). Love It!

Share: And, today I met with Chloe Wilson, who *excitingly* is going to volunteer with us at The Social Outfit. Chloe comes with a background in business operations, and I can tell she a ‘get things done’ kinda of person. Thanks Chloe, welcome to the team! xo

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Seventeen

Show/Share: The Book Launch of Courtney Collin’s The Burial and a Garden Party, no less! Now this is truly a time for a dress up and some fun…

Book Launcher: the delightful, Ms Meggan Grose – a.k.a Ms Koori Love – and Book Launchee: the author-extraordinnaire Courtney Collins

I was so excited about Courtney and her well-deserved success, that I *needed* to dress for Garden Party F-U-N! I was even asked to being a fruit platter, thus my 1950s Tupperware cake holder … Yes! I’m living the ‘domestic dream’! …

My 3D-Ant Farm Bag: the black ants are moveable within the plastic covering… All-Class!

*Spotted!* The Hawaiian First Officer in ‘proper’ vintage linen Hawaiian gear (which I found in the UK: *score!*) … and posing with lovely Hugh (they were having a green shoe moment together… THFO’s are Fluevogs, naturally 🙂 )…

*Bag-Love* starts early: Hugh’s daughter, Millie, was a total fan of the moving ants – that and really, all my baubles and whistles in costume dressing. She’s such a darling …

Then the Ukeladies gave a supreme performance for the launch (and Hawaiian-inspired, no less)… they are a DELIGHT…

Yup, I hope you can see why I am smiling on this lovely Saturday. Well Done, Courtney! And Well Done, Everyone and Anyone who follows their dream…

Tell: Glasses from op shop, Tatty Devine necklace, vintage cardigan from RetroSpect’d, Aywon vintage skirt from op shop, Spin Dance petticoat, Saba belt, Fluevog shoes, PigPen bag from Prahran shopping (early 2000’s), vintage Tupperware from eBay.

And you know, if you wanted to buy and read Courtney’s book, then that would be totally *RAD* (Kindle version here) xo xo

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Sixteen


Tell: The Social Studio t-shirt, The Social Studio silk dress, TS14+ black dress, handmade long necklace, Tatty Devine necklace, Fluevog boots.

Share: This is me yesterday, as Antonia Ruffell and I – from the Sydney Outfit – went about Sydney city attending meetings on The Social Outfit. It was a really productive working day: meeting high-level NFP leaders and business people about our plan, and looking for their insights to make sure we’re preparing the investment model well. Having Antonia there with me is fantastic; a team of people working together is so much stronger than one person alone. xo

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Fifteen


Tell: Yesterday’s outfit: Ken Done scarf, Saba belt from outlet, ‘Styled by Debra Fashion, Melbourne’ vintage dress from op shop in Franskton, Trippen boots from Berlin outlet.

Share: And FINALLY**, I’ve sorted out the gallery function within WordPress and now have been able to upload all the outfits worn so far on ShowTellShare onto one *handy* page. Hooray! Take a look here (or click on the images below), and I hope you enjoy! xo

** OK, so in the end I just asked The Hawaiian First Officer to help me out. I’m not above begging for IT assistance! 😉

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Fourteen

Show/Share: Back to the Sydney hood, and back into The Social Outfit! I was out tonight to the Newtown Precinct Business Association website launch at Dendy Newtown. David Moutou and I were invited from the Sydney Outfit as a chance to speak with Newtown business locals about the opportunity of us starting up The Social Outfit fashion social enterprise in Newtown. And with the vibe and interest tonight, we can see why! Lots of fun, and *joyously* my new The Social Studio dress proved popular with Inner Westies (fashion hood not necessarily worn as below all night!!) xo

And just *because*; some close-up detail of the HIGH level of red and pink matching, via my favourite Ken Done glasses… EXTRA BIG SHOT FOR EXTRA BIG JOY… xo

Tell: Ken Done vintage glasses, The Social Studio dress (on sale too – grab yourself a bargain with the current sale!), Uniqlo skivvy, toucan brooch from the Hive in Canberra, Fluevog boots.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Thirteen


WELCOME TO… my last three relaxing days in Melbourne…

NEXT STOP: the final update on my 10-Day-Melbourne-fashion-challenge comic…

Friday Day 8/10, 14 September: Ken Done glasses, earrings from Japan, Country Road vintage denim jacket from op shop, Kmart skivvy, NEW Ken Shaw dress from op shop, leather belt from op shop, Sportsgirl stockings gifted by my Mum, Fluevog shoes, Linda Jackson bag.

I think this photo below shows up my purple eyebrows particularly *well* – check those dark arches in the large Ken Done frames !! And this new 1980s ‘Ken Shaw, Melbourne’ dress is a find from Frankston, and clearly *gold*. The photos aren’t doing it quite the justice I think possible, so you’re likely to see it again soon…

Then the weekend was spent wandering around and spending more time with family. Check out this great sign spotted by The First Hawaiian Officer (and no, we did not partake in any such ‘instant’ beverages)…

Saturday Day 9/10, 15 September: Pashmina scarf from Italy, American Apparel shirt (borrowed from The First Hawaiian Officer), skivvy from Kmart, Levis jeans, Birkenstock sandals.

Then home to Sydney.

Sunday Day 10/10, 16 September: Pashmina scarf from Italy, Ralph Lauren cashmere skivvy from op shop, vintage denim dress from op shop, Saba belt, Fluevog shoes.

Ah, a *good time*. Now the comic recap WITH UPDATE:

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Twelve

Show/Tell/Share: Down Under, Down South…

Yesterday Day 6/10, 12 September: Glasses from op shop, earrings from H&M Japan, Tatty Devine necklace, Ken Done ‘Down Under’ vintage t-shirt from eBay, Kmart skivvy, Fletcher Jones tartan skirt, Simon de Winter socks, Fluevog shoes.

And some pink eyebrows just because…

As for today, well OF COURSE, I *had* to visit my favourite store in Melbourne… Check out my grin at simply being in The Social Studio … Plus of course, I picked up some *great* and stylish bargains. Can’t wait to show you! xo xo

Today, Day 7/10, 13 September: Glasses from op shop, Wa-Nyika earrings, pashmina scarf from Italy, Uniqlo skivvy, red skirt from Savers op shop Frankston, vintage belt from UK, Ken Done leggings, Happy SocksFluevog shoes from Sole Devotion.

And thanks Lily for posing with me…

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Eleven

Show/Tell/Share: Ah Melbourne, there you are…

Day 5/10, 11 September: Glasses from op shop, earrings from Japan, pashmina scarf from Italy, Ralph Lauren cashmere pink skivvy from Warburton op shop for ONLY $3!, The Social Studio silk dress (gifted from Jo), Black Milk ‘Woman in Red’ leggings, socks borrowed this time from my Dad, Fluevog shoes, Linda Jackson bag (gifted to me by The First Hawaiian Officer).

Day 4/10, 10 September: Uniqlo skivvy, denim dress from op shop, Saba belt, Ken Done leggings, Happy Socks, Fluevog men’s loafers.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Ten

Show/Tell/Share: Hello regional Warburton; thank you for your warm village welcome, and especially your Vinnie’s op shop… (photos of *finds* for another day)…

Then next, on our road trip today, we next headed to Bruno’s Art & Sculptures Garden in Marysville. After the February 2009 ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires so much of Marysville was destroyed; so being able to see something like Bruno (and his supporters) rebuild his artist garden, studio and home is amazing. A wee little owl sculpture took my fancy in the garden:

Day 3/10, 9 September: Ken Done glasses, Wa-Nyika earrings, vintage necklace from Berlin market, Kmart skivvy, Fletcher Jones tartan skirt, socks borrowed from my Step-Dad (I needed green!), Fluevog shoes.

Day 2/10, 8 September: Glasses from op shop, Wa-Nyika earrings, vintage necklace from op shop, Ken Done vintage t-shirt from eBay (with original tags!), Kmart skivvy, Levis jeans, Happy Socks, Fluevog shoes.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Nine


And SUPER thanks to the *lovely* First Hawaiian Officer for this clothing challenge idea… much better than just hearing me complaining about packing!

Here’s me on the other side of the flight, then train ride down to Frankston, THEN already having gone to two op shops (and yes, already found *things, things, things*!!) xo xo

Tell: Uniqlo skivvy, The Social Studio dress gifted from Jo, vintage belt, Ken Done leggings, Fluevog shoes.

And earlier today, this morning, a little more ‘together’; ready for an Adventure xo

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Seven

Show: Presenting Knitted Gold…

Tell: Knitted gold chain handmade by me, child’s kimono worn as jacket, dress bought from Berlin second hand market, Fluevog sandals.

Share: Today I’m off to a training session entitled, ‘How to Better Manage Your Fashion Business Operations’, run by the Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia Limited (also known as the Australia Fashion Council, or TIFA). I’m looking forward to some new insights for setting up The Social Outfit here in Sydney.

As for my necklace, I’m always a bit pleased when I imagine myself crafting-up something, and in the end, I actually complete it, and it looks like I wanted it to. I just love my *BLING* knitted, don’t you?!! xo

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Six

Show/Share: How many photos do you think are taken down at Circular Quay, Sydney each and every day? Here’s just two of them in the one shot…

Happy Hawaiian Spring Sunday. xo

Tell: Handmade earrings and necklace, Ralph Lauren Hawaiiana jacket (borrowed from the First Hawaiian Officer), Ken Done vintage shirt, Saba leather belt, Dragstar denim skirt, Happy Socks, Fluevog shoes, Ken Done tote from op shop.