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Tell: Tatty Devine jewellery, Miss Shop dress from op shop, American Apparel leotard, skirt from Kmart, retail stockings, Fluevog boots.

Share: This week ahead is set to be a busy one; let alone the many ‘to-do’s’ planned for the whole month of November. So I took the chance this weekend to keep fairly quiet. However, when catching up with a dear friend today, I couldn’t resist putting on some new big rings (bought on sale) for the outing. Nothing like plastic jewellery and over-matching to recharge the battery!! xo

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Show: Well, what a ripper of a day; and much of the *fun* came from wearing my high-waisted 1980s yellow *Mom-jeans* because…

Tell: Wa-Nyika earrings, necklace from op shop, top from Prahan near Chapel Street (a million years ago), singlet from op shop, jeans from op shop in Perth, Fluevog shoes.

Share: This afternoon Chloe and I met with Ross Longmuir who owns and runs, Planet in Surry Hills. Ross is a completely delightful and ethically-minded man, and he’s graciously offered to host a small party for The Social Outfit at his *beautiful* store and showroom in November. So Chloe, Ross and I met up to talk logistics and planning. I’m getting excited (and yes, nervous!) about the thought of a runway show displaying the amazing clothes of The Social Studio: all to highlight what we too could do here in Sydney with our talented young people from refugee communities …

My rather crappy Instagram-ming doesn’t do Planet nearly enough justice here… the space is really, really great!

A big thanks to you Ross: your generosity and support means the world to us! xo

And, as *luck* would have it, before meeting Ross, Chloe and I were having a coffee when who should sit right down next to me but Ronni Khan of OzHarvest: a social entrepreneur of considerable standing. Of course, I instantly knew who it was, but imagine my surprise when it was my yellow jeans and accessories that caught her eye: OzHarvest have just produced their first cookbook, and what do you know, yellow is a defining feature of it. So *thanks* to my 1980s jeans, Ronni and I got to have a chat and she was very supportive of The Social Studio and what we are aiming to do here in Sydney, so we’ll stay in touch. How *good* is that?! xo

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Tell: Glasses from Japan, robot necklace from Young Blood Designers Markets, 1980s Diane Freis silk shirt, Saba belt, Katies skirt from op shop, Caledonia stockings, Fluevog boots.

Share: I hope you know by now that I like to keep you updated with *tidbits* and stories about what keeps me busy each day; especially in relation to The Social Outfit. But on some days, and in some weeks, it feels like all I have to say is, “Head down, doing paperwork. Head down, doing planning.” This week feels a bit like that. And that sounds a bit boring to share, really… But, like a teacher who once trained me said, ‘You can’t take young people to Disneyland every day, Jackie, otherwise it holds no meaning’…

… So instead of dwelling on that too long, let’s take a quick close up look at this 1980s silk *gem* by Diane Freis. Chris – a regular ShowTellShare follower, and family friend – introduced me to Diane Freis when she found me a two-piece-1980s-divine-outfit in an op shop in Manly years ago (worn here and here). I’ve never looked back, and I now LOVE Diane and her crazy-colour-designs. So thanks, Chris! xo

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Show/Tell/Share: Did someone say 1980s cocktail party for charity?! …

Last night was the 30th birthday of Twenty10. I worked there in the early 2000s, and so it was lovely for my friends and I to get a little bit *dolled up* and celebrate all of Twenty10’s good work.

Twenty10’s tagline is: “A Place to be You,” and as you can see, I took that as an invitation to be the *me* of BIG hair, BIG shoes and a 1980s LOUD outfit! I’ve had this Parisian number in the wardrobe for years (found in an op shop, of course) and decided last night was just the right time to get it out and style it up…

It’s so funny because this 2-piece suit is all plain “Business at the Back”, and then “Party at the Front”…

Tell: Earrings from UK, Tatty Devine necklace, ‘Romeo Pour Juliette’ Paris made 2-piece suit from op shop, Saba belt, fingerless leather gloves from Florence, Demonia boots,

Iain and David looking fancy…

Here’s Bec rockin’ the pinks and gold…

(I gifted Bec this op-shop-found vintage dress a while back, and *love* that it’s gone to a welcoming home).

I also love that my friend and hairdresser David at Bedrock took my request for big 1980s hair seriously yesterday. Thanks to crimping, teasing and a whole-lot-of-hairspray, I think he achieved some expert frizz action!

Good times xo

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Tell: Glasses from op shop, Ken Done scarf as headband, Wa-Nyika earrings, handmade necklaces, and long coloured necklace from North Shore op shop, The Social Studio singlet, Easton Pearson silk dress from op shop (*hello* lucky find!!), Fluevog boots.

Share: This morning I’ll be working hard on The Social Outfit paperwork-trail, and then Chloe and I are off to meetings with potential supporters in the afternoon…

… I’m not entirely sure how this outfit came together with such *gusto* and tinges of both Carmen Miranda and 1980s Cindy Lauper this a.m., but I am prepared to just go with the flow and embrace the fun of it: It is a Friday after all! xo

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Tell: Ken Done glasses, Tatty Devine earrings and necklace, gold beaded necklace gifted by my Grandmother, ‘York Reine’ silk jacket, The Social Studio dress gifted by Jo, belt from op shop, The Social Studio *GOLD* leggings, Trippen shoes from Berlin outlet.

Share: Today’s post is really all about the jacket. I found it in the Cat Protection op shop in Enmore. It makes me happy. By buying it, I (1) kept up the recycling-chain-of *fun* clothing, and (2) protected cats. That’s all *good* in my book! xo

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Show: If any day feels like a *finance day* it’s a Monday; so I’m off to M.H. Carnegie & Co. to get cracking on our financial modelling options… How I love expert advice!

Tell: Ken Done glasses, Ken Done necklace, aqua beaded necklace from op shop, leotard from Berlin, The Social Studio top, Anthea Crawford skirt from op shop, Sportsgirl stockings gifted by my Mum, Fluevog boots.

Share: And, more generally, a short reflection list entitled, ‘Things I’m learning about myself by trying to maintain a WordPress Blog’:

  1. I have persistence; which I personally think comes from years of honing my skills in searching for *gold* in op-shops! So yesterday I  installed a better subscription service: it’s that *Follow* button on the bottom right hand side (for those already not subscribed), but I had to have a very *serious fight* with my computer for many hours. So boring! By 11pm I finally sorted it, with teeth gritted and a bullish attitude (i.e. “Apple-Option-Esc… I said APPLE-OPTION-ESCAPE!!!”). Phew!
  2. Apparently I don’t Google-search like anyone else in the world does; because I hardly ever find useful links immediately (which sucks when trying to solve problems). This is in stark contrast to The First Hawaiian Officer who literally finds anything needed online in seconds. Pffffh.
  3. I *LOVE* the support and joy of our growing online community here: across the blog, Facebook page and Twitter. Yesterday some of you let me know when the issues were cropping up (and then even still took the time to say nice things to me). So an ONGOING thanks too for your patience, and for coming back here and keeping me company. You rock!

I also had my brother in town again last night, and it was *lovely* getting to see him. How he makes me smile! xo

Tell: Ken Done sunglasses, handmade earrings, gifted scarf from my sister-in-law, vintage Hawaiian top from op shop, Katies shirt from op shop, Levis jeans from US, Linda Jackson bag.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Twenty-Five

Show / Share: Because *a picture is worth a thousand words*; I’ve made one into a necklace…

We were entertaining dear guests and friends last night. Good times xo

Tell: Glasses from op shop, handmade necklace from a ‘Made in Italy’ silk picture found in an op shop, Photios Bros. beaded necklaces, vintage handmade dress from op shop, skivvy from op shop, Saba belt on sale, Japonica Barclay shoes on sale.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Twenty-Four

Show: What a busy day! Thank *goodness* I was wearing the ELECTRIFYING powers of The Social Studio fashion label to get me through all the work and fun…

It feels like we have a new main character involved with The Social Outfit, so I thought I should show you who I am talking about. Meet volunteer Chloe. She and I met today to continue the planning work for a small supporter event we’re holding in November. I can’t tell you how good it feels to have another capable ‘hand on deck’ to join me and the Board as we bring The Social Outfit to life…

Share: So first up today I met with Julie Rosenberg from M.H. Carnegie & Co. Thanks to Julie, they’ve come on board to help us with some financial modelling and business planning. So fantastic: numbers count!

Next, I also met with Melanie Noden (CEO) and Sandy Killick (Employment Assistance Program Coordinator) at the Asylum Seekers Centre in Surry Hills, who are also very happy to look at the ways we can partner and work together. Tops!

All in all, an exciting time. Naturally, I was wearing The Social Studio to give me energy; as well as what I’ve decided is ‘Business-Eyebrow-Colouring’: just the edges to keep it low-key… (tee hee hee)…

And finally – as you might imagine, I read many a fashion blog, and some of my favourite fun-fashion-wearers (like Misfits Vintage and Pull Your Socks Up and Helga Von Trollop) are doing a ‘tea cup and tutu’ theme. They have well and truly planted a seed in my subconscious, because as I was travelling on the bus to my morning meeting today I realised I *too* was wearing a tutu (ish), and I could get involved… So here’s me in a top by The Social Studio, a tutu and a Ken Done mug, *naturally*…

Last, but never least, CONGRATULATIONS to The Social Studio for reaching their $16,500 crowd-funding appeal for a new Melbourne store front. Just take a read of the comments and you’ll see what an impact The Social Studio is having in Melbourne… what an *opportunity* too for Sydney, with all our ongoing work! xo xo

Tell: Glasses from op shop, Tatty Devine earrings and brooch (as necklace), The Social Studio shirt, gifted Estilio belt, Review skirt on sale, Caledonia stockings, Fluevog boots.

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Here’s when I met Lord Mayor Clover Moore, from the glory What Ken Be Done days!

And today, well, we keep working hard… with some colour celebration and The Social Studio fashion, of course! xo

Tell: Glasses from op shop, earrings from Shag Melbourne, Dangerfield skivvy dress, ‘Promenade’ shirt dress from op shop, skirt from op shop, The Social Studio leggings, Fluevog boots.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Twenty-Two


Tell: The Social Studio re-mixed cardigan, handmade and op-shopped necklaces, Sportscraft skivvy, ‘VSSP New Zealand’ skirt gifted from Althea (I *love* the comic style of it!),  Lacoste sample boots.

Share: Early morning start as I head off to meet with Paula Rogers from the Australian Fashion Council for a mentoring session. I’m looking forward to her insights and advice for The Social Outfit development! xo

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Twenty-One

Show/Share: What a busy week, including catching up with members of the Sydney Outfit last night for a meeting:

L-R: David Hardie, Meredith Turnbull, Antonia Ruffell, and David Ajak Ajang. Grace McQuilten called in from Melbourne, and I got to catch up with Sarah Chisholm earlier in the day. It takes a team!

As well as having a meeting with the Sydney Outfit to continue with our business planning, I also met again with The Social Outfit’s own volunteer, Chloe Wilson. I’m so *excited* that I have some more hands-on help with our growing work.

Plus, another couple of meetings with professionals in the Not For Profit and fundraising sectors: seeking strategic advice as we put together our best model for having a version of The Social Studio here in Sydney. We’ve got to get it right, and that takes time.

And all this work undertaken on a 30 degree day, with me wearing socks, sandals and of course, The Social Studio!

Some lovely detail from my op-shopped Fiorucci vest:

Tell: Glasses from op shop, earrings gifted from Jenni, Tatty Devine necklace, vintage Fiorucci vest from op shop, The Social Studio silk dress gifted from Jo, stockings from Japan, Camper Sandals.

And just another quick sneak of an outfit earlier in the week, from Tuesday, because my nephew gave me the silver bracelet (which can also be worn as a necklace). Bless his ability to already spot *fun fashion* for his aunty at 8 years old! xo

Tell: Glasses from Japan, Norman Hartwell dress from op shop, Sportscraft belt, Fluevog boots.


ShowTellShare One Hundred and Twenty

Show/Share: This is what I look like usually when I’m doing paperwork, and thinking, and trying to strategise about The Social Outfit. And basically, that’s what I’ve been doing for most of this weekend. Serious, I know. But at least my clothing brings some colour to it… xo

Tell: Ken Done head scarf, scarf from Hawaii, ‘Wendy’ 1980s top from op shop, Uniqlo leggings, Birkenstocks.