ShowTellShare One Hundred and Fifty-Three

Share: Season’s Greetings from me, my 1980s vintage Jimmy Pike** shirt, and the very blue and *gorgeous* Western Australia!

** I’m a keen collector of Jimmy Pike, a significant Australian artist from Walmatjarri, WA. His work is often featured as part of the 1980s Oz label, ‘Desert Designs‘. Having found this amazing shirt this year, I felt it only right to have its first showing back in WA (where we also are for some of our family holidays)…


Tell: Glasses from op shop, earrings from Japan, vintage Jimmy Pike shirt from eBay, Oroton belt from op shop, Sportsgirl skirt from op shop, Black Milk leggings, retail shoes.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Fifty-Two

Share: One *good* thing about sitting in a holding pattern on our flight from Sydney to Melbourne for over an hour on Friday night was that I got to watch more and more of Mike Nichols’ 1988 US classic, Working Girl

And, as you can see, it was from the 1980s eyeshadow that I took *most* inspiration for my Saturday’s outfit!


Tell: Earrings from Japan, Dragstar dress, Oroton belt from op shop, handmade silver necklace gifted by Iain, robot necklace from Young Bloods Markets, Black Milk leggings, Birkenstock sandals.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Fifty-One

I’ve finished up working for 2012, and I’m now looking forward to a well-deserved break.

A SPECTACULAR thanks to you, dearest readers, for being a part of my year; and also part of our *hope* of making The Social Outfit a reality in Sydney in 2013 xo xo

Show: Wednesday’s Outfit:

Tell: Tatty Devine Giant Squid necklace, vintage Moschino men’s shirt found in Newtown op shop (Gold!), Katies skirt from op shop, retail tights and socks, Fluevog boots, *old-skool* television purse gifted by Kath.

Show: Thursday’s Outfits:

Kit rockin’ greens…

Tell: Tatty Devine crown necklace, necklace from op shop, vintage jacket from op shop, Katies dress from op shop, vintage belt from op shop, The Social Studio leggings, Trippen shoes.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Fifty

Our 150th post; what a *lovely* occasion to have ShowTellShare’s first guest blog:

Show: Hi, my name is Kit and I’m The Social Outfit’s new intern!

Share: A little about me… I’m from England and moved here in November of this year. I’ve had a few different career paths so far, starting with college studying Beauty, then at University studying Fine Art. I also worked in fashion retail for about 6 years and even had a go working in an office. But nothing seemed to fulfil me… so I took up the opportunity to move to Australia in search of new experiences and a change of lifestyle, which I have certainly found this far. And, with a passion for fashion, colour and always up for doing good, who better to work with than Jackie and The Social Outfit?!

I was fortunate enough to arrive in Sydney just in time to help out with The Social Outfit’s very first fashion show event. I was completely bowled over with how special The Social Outfit is and couldn’t wait to get stuck in and help.

I can’t wait to keep working closely with Jackie and other supporters next year in what is sure to be a very exiting 2013 …

Tell: Topshop dress, vintage *sparkly* top from UK, belt from second hand store UK, Vivienne Westwood shoes gifted by my wonderful mother, clock ring gifted by a friend (to keep me punctual!).

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Forty-Nine

Show/Share: Today, I briefly found myself in this *great place* on the eve of an important Australian speech, twenty years ago now…

And then we headed out to my university end of year celebration.

A lovely afternoon with colleagues and friends, and what I called the *wolf-dog*. She’s huge, but camera-shy, so the day involved me chasing her around to try and catch the evidence of her MASSIVE ears and head…

Good times.

And just a *touch* of some orange lipstick on the eyebrows, because, you know… xo

Tell: Handmade necklace, Retrospec’d dress, vintage leather belt from secondhand store, Spin Dance petticoat, retail stockings and socks, Fluevog sandals, vintage knitting bag from op shop.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Forty-Eight

Show/Share: Today I’m off on an adventure into new suburbs, as I go to my colleague’s house to work on a academic paper for my university work. Clearly I’ve taken the theme of ‘adventure’ a little too literally: wearing cow-girl gear and *saddling up* for new surrounds! xo

Tell: Glasses from op shop, earrings from Cairns Art Gallery, queen necklace from op shop, Italian shirt from Penrith op shop, high-waisted denim skirt from op shop, leather belt borrowed from the HFO, vintage boots from op shop.

Whereas, yesterday was one of those days when I was *ready and raring to go* early in the a.m. … I was prepared for the day’s meetings, and then they progressively got cancelled as the day wore on. It’s that time of year, I think. And so it basically meant I got *dolled* up to buy my coffee locally, and then spend the day working from home. But with something new like The Social Outfit, there’s always work to do… so onwards and onwards we venture! xo

Tell: The Social Studio t-shirt, Tatty Devine bracelet as necklace, Tatty Devine zipper necklace, skirt from op shop, retail tights and Fluevog shoes.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Forty-Seven

Share: Here’s me, keepin’ on keeping on… (and, in the *spirit of the 80s*, of course…) xo

Show 1: Today…

Tell 1: Handmade earrings, Tatty Devine brooch as necklace, 1980s Esprit oversize shirt, Sportscraft belt, skirt from Kmart, Uniqlo leggings, retail socks, Fluevog shoes.

Show 2: Yesterday…

Tell 2: Anthea Crawford 1980s dress jacket gifted by Susan and from an op shop, retail singlet, Tatty Devine ‘Gilbert & George’ brooch (borrowed from FHO), Ken Done skirt made by The Social Studio (for What Ken Be Done), Saba belt, retail tights, socks borrowed from the FHO, Fluevog shoes.


ShowTellShare One Hundred and Forty-Six

Show/Share: My reaction to urban surrounds as summer breaks in Sydney…

Feeling the need for a breeze and some greenery….

Now that’s better!

Tell: Tatty Devine necklace, Hilo Hattie Hawaiian shirt borrowed from the Hawaiian First Officer, “Jaxon Dee’ vintage cotton dress from Prahran, Spin Dance petticoat, Happy Socks, Fluevog shoes, Honolulu Academy of Arts bag. Fan from Barcelona.

And here I am from Thursday last week. Wearing The Social Studio and pink eyebrows as I head off to a meeting about The Social Outfit

Tell: Handmade earrings, Tatty Devine necklace, The Social Studio dress gifted by Jo, TS14 dress underneath, Tatty Devine belt, ‘Beechers Brook’ pants from op shop, Camper sandals.

Loving my pants – found years ago in an op shop – that look mostly black, until you see the electric blue satin *shining* from underneath. Classy! xo