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Share: Wow… The things I find myself doing in the pursuit of making The Social Outfit happen in Sydney. Take today for example…

In this outfit,


At one point, I was standing in an elevator, talking straight to a professional camera-man, pitching The Social Outfit concept in just 45 seconds. Do you know how quick that is?! “Hello, my name is Jackie, and I’d *love* The Social Outfit to happen…” and BAM! 45 seconds is up! Plus, talking to a camera is REALLY hard. And then, a person who works inside the building got in the lift with me too while we were recording live – I don’t think he had any idea why I was standing in a work elevator talking to a camera crew. Heaven knows what the video ended up looking like! One thing I do know: I sure did try my best.

You see, today was my Vodafone Foundation ‘World of Difference’ interview. I’m lucky enough to reach the Top 10 this year, and *FINGERS CROSSED* this time we get it. Honestly, what a ‘world of difference‘ this support would make! A BIG step closer to opening our doors.

Naturally, too, I was wearing The Social Studio for such an important event. And, does my dress look a little familiar perhaps? That’s right, this is the dress Hawanatu showcased in our November 2012 runway show


This gem is made with vintage fabric, and I simply love the design of these The Social Studio dresses: so comfortable, so easy to wear. A worthwhile purchase for me!


Tell: Glasses from Japan, handmade earrings and necklace, The Social Studio dress, Fletcher Jones skirt from op shop, retail tights, Happy Socks, vintage 1980-90s Fluevog clog shoes.

And finally, look how we are developing with our The Social Outfit Pilot Project:


We had so many great people offer to be involved in our workshops, and I’m so pleased that we have on offer a great range of workshops of fashion-related fun. Thanks Nicole, Catharine and Soraya! And soon, we’ll all get to watch the genius-creativity of young people from refugee backgrounds… Exciting!

If you want to be kept up to date as the event develops, follow our Facebook event page:


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Tell: Green earrings gifted by Kirsten from China, Wa-Nyika pink earrings, handmade orange beaded necklace, vintage beaded necklace from Santa Barbara, The Social Studio silk dress, Estilio leather belt, 1980s ‘Maggie T‘ dress from second-hand store, retail tights and Fluevog boots.


Share: Today I met with some lovely staff within the Sydney Institute, TAFE NSW, to progress our working relationship. An important part of The Social Studio education model is the provision of TAFE-accredited, nationally-recognised training in the areas of fashion, retail and hospitality. At The Social Outfit in Sydney, we want to make sure we can also provide such integral support as well; so we’re all working hard to make it happen. Plus, I’m just a big believer in vocational and ‘on the job’ training as a key part of education and skills development here in Australia generally. So *hooray* TAFE! And in the meantime, we’ll keep progressing on our formal arrangements…

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Share: Friday was one of those really busy days; meeting with a range of exciting people, and then catching the moments in between to send off emails and make deadlines. I was zipping around the city from one stop to another, propelled in part by one of my favourite, *vibrant*, The Social Studio silk dress…


Tell: Jenny Kee for The Wilderness Society scarf, earrings from op shop, handmade necklaces, beaded necklaces and bracelets gifted by my Dad and step-Mum from South Africa, The Social Studio ‘Magical Tent’ collection silk dress, ‘Birthday Suit’ stirrup leggings, Trippen shoes from Berlin outlet.



First up I met with Melissa from Sew Make Create. Melissa and her *gorgeous-hilarious* dog, Pepper, were lovely hosts and showed me around their Ultimo shop and sewing studio. Sew Make Create is a great initiative; getting people together locally to learn sewing skills, and you can also hire the machines/overlockers there too. I really encourage checking it out if you’re in Sydney…


On Friday I also had the absolute pleasure of doing some of The Social Outfit‘s planning work with the designer, Nina Maya Skrzynski. Nina has proven experience with her own fashion label, and she’s interested in lending her skills and expertise to develop The Social Outfit‘s business plan further. Needless to say, we’re very excited at this prospect!

Finally, the response from the ‘call out for artists’ for The Social Outfit Pilot in The Rocks has also been overwhelming. People shared the information far and wide, and we’ve had so much interest. So thank you! It’s brilliant to see so many artistic people out there excited about working creatively with Sydney’s refugee communities. Stay tuned to hear how our workshops develop, and a *big* thank you to everyone who made contact and has shown an interest.


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Show: Check out this exciting opportunity… and *please* share far and wide our call for fashion artists to become involved in The Social Outfit‘s pilot project at The Rocks… exciting!

TSO Call out for Artists

And here’s me, getting on with my work today…


Tell: Handmade earrings and necklace, 1980s shirt from op shop, vintage leather belt from secondhand store in Melbourne, skirt from op shop, retail tights, sample Lacoste boots.

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Share: With family in town, we headed off to the Blue Mountains for the day. Love a bit a *spectacular* scenery, and love *dodgy-retro* motel signs just about as much…



Tell: Ben Sherman shirt ‘borrowed full-time’ from the First Hawaiian Officer, singlet from op shop, ‘Paris Blues’ 1980s denim skirt from op shop, Sportscraft belt, vintage leather bag gifted by Tamara, boots from the op shop. Tatty Devine rings and sheriff badge as necklace.

Plus I couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring some of my own bird-life on our day trip…


Hope you had a lovely weekend xo

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Share: You know, I often feel very lucky about the people I work with. It’s not just that I ask them time and time again to meet me, and help develop The Social Outfit with their great ideas and insights; it’s also then that I ask for a photo so I can show you all who’s involved. Photos, photos for everyone!


So here’s Paul Bide and myself having worked together this Friday. I met Paul recently through the School for Social Entrepreneurs and Social Ventures Australia connections. Paul is an ex-finance guy, and he’s being a champion by helping me with drafting The Social Outfit‘s ‘First 90 Day Plan’. There’s *a lot* of work involved, so I really appreciate the opportunity to work through the detail with someone like Paul, and hear his own suggestions. Nothing like a deadline with someone to encourage motivation! Eeeep!

Then here’s the *fabulous* group of Ajak, Kit and Chloe, who are working together on our City of Sydney pilot project:


We’re just securing some of the important big details, and then I’ll be able to announce all the *fun* we’re about have with it. And I’m hoping you’ll be a part of our plans too! More soon.

And now to some outfits…

Show: Friday…


Tell: Handmade necklaces and earrings, The Social Studio top, vintage dress from secondhand store in Tasmania, retail tights and sock, Fluevog shoes.


And this was Tuesday…



Tell: Tatty Devine bracelet as pendant, vintage Fiorucci vest from op shop, Oroton belt from op shop, The Social Studio silk skirt as dress, Jonathan Aston tights, Fluevog shoes.

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Share: I feel a lot like I’m chasing my tail at the moment; round and round with many things to get done on my ever-growing ‘To-Do’ list… which is why it sometimes pays to throw on some vintage Hawaiiana on a Sunday, and just try to relax…



And I wasn’t alone in this fashion-choice of the day, with the First Hawaiian Officer sporting a *fabulous* reverse-print Hawaiian shirt. Can you believe we found this *gem* in an op shop in Oahu?! Reverse-print Hawaiian shirts became a style around the 1970s (I think), as a more ‘subdued’ alternative to the bold Hawaiian print; often worn as ‘business wear’**. So in other words, the print is just done by wearing the pattern inside out, and the fabric is is still usually pretty bold and fab! I love them… This a ‘subdued’ shirt? I don’t think so!

** Naturally, my lessons in Hawaiiana all come directly from the ‘FHO’, so I’m paraphrasing…


Tell: Ken Done sunglasses, handmade earrings (re-crafted from necklace in op shop), ‘Royal Creations’ vintage Hawaiian dress found in op-shpp, Saba leather belt, retail sandals. Tote from the Honolulu Academy of Arts.


Oh, and please don’t forget there’s both Ken Done *gold* and Hawaiian *vintage fun* still up for grabs on our eBay auction page. All profits go directly to The Social Outfit! The support so far has been SPECTACULAR! xo

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Share: The Social Outfit eBay auction-extravaganza is getting closer and closer every day… Bargains! Ken Done! Vintage! 1980s! Doing *good*! Helping The Social Outfit! So many points of exclamation!

The auctions start closing this Saturday… Good Luck and thanks for your support! All money raised (less eBay fees) goes directly to supporting The Social Outfit xo


Here’s Kit yesterday wearing her Mum’s vintage dress… STS_176_2

And last night The Social Outfit team had a board meeting. Check out Sarah… her dress is from a social enterprise working with African communities in France. Gorgeous! And *bless* the gang for always being willing for me to take photos; I just love showing you how many there of us involved and how hard we are working…



Tell: Lafont glasses, Wa-Nyika earrings, Tatty Devine necklace, handmade necklace, The Social Studio singlet, Diane Freis 1980s skirt from op shop (made into a dress by me), stockings from Japan, House of Holland socks, Fluevog boots.

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Share/Tell/Share: On Saturday I got to spend some time with Ajak and his family, including his lovely daughter, Angwai:


As you know, Ajak is the Chair of The Social Outfit, and this weekend I asked him to help me with making a film for the Vodafone Foundation ‘World of Difference’ grant. This grant is specifically to pay the salary of a person for a whole year to follow their dream… so that would be *me* and it would be for *The Social Outfit*. Funding like this would be *great* support for our development…

Here’s what Ajak and I made together:

Ajak jumped in and took part with his usual humour and persistence. I have some other footage I’m going to put up soon of him talking about what being involved in The Social Outfit means to him. Thanks Ajak! xo

I love teaching myself to make these films. They’re hard work – I spent the whole weekend pulling it together – but anything that encourages creativity and helps me, and us, to explain what we’re trying to achieve is good learning. A big thanks too, to David Hardie and Meredith Turnbull for helping out specifically with the other grant deadlines too this week. A real team effort!

Oh, and please don’t forget, our eBay Ken Done Plus More auctions are all at go! xo

63 copy

Last, but never least, our ongoing thanks to Grace and the team at The Social Studio. Without your support, we just wouldn’t be here! And good luck for all your Melbourne Fashion Week preparations underway! xo

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Showing My Ken Done Love as we launch our *Ken Done auctions for The Social Outfit!Check out all the *goodies* set to find new, exciting homes! These pieces online are the last gems of Ken Done donated by enthusiasts during our What Ken Be Done year. Plus, we’ve added some *extra* fun vintage bits and pieces we hope you might like… All money raised will go to supporting The Social Outfit


This was me on Wednesday night, off to see two spectacular films as a part of QueerScreen. The first was the premier of Aquaporko!, a documentary story of “Melbourne’s fat femme synchronized” swim team. And the film lived up to the description: it was SO *delightful*! The theatre was packed with supporters and nothing beats ‘wooping’ aloud in a cinema to show your appreciation. And then there was an older, brilliant documentary on the life of Leigh Bowery, whom I’ve loved for years. He was a dressing genius!

The timing of these events seemed quite serendipitous. Because apart from our own Ken Done auctions, I was also wearing Ken Done on Wednesday to pay my own tribute to the artwork of Kelli Jean Drinkwater, who is also the director of Aquaporko! Check out below the *stunning* art-piece Kelli Jean has produced of Ken Done appreciation…


Copyright, Kelli Jean Drinkwater (Australian artist, activist and filmmaker). Photo by Penelope Benton.

And titled here, by JGRuddock as, “One of the Most Fabulous Pieces of Artwork, EVER.” xo

So there you go. Happiness all round! And now while I skooch off again to keep at these funding deadlines, please help spread the word of our Ken Done and vintage auctions. All money raised (less auction fees) goes directly to The Social Outfit. And supporting us means *doing good in a fashion*… xo xo


Tell: Tatty Devine necklace, robot necklace from Young Bloods markets, Ken Done vintage t-shirt from eBay, Ken Done 1980s skirt from eBay, Jonathan Aston tights, retail socks, Fluevog boots, vintage Ken Done makeup case.