ShowTellShare One Hundred and Six

Show/Share: How many photos do you think are taken down at Circular Quay, Sydney each and every day? Here’s just two of them in the one shot…

Happy Hawaiian Spring Sunday. xo

Tell: Handmade earrings and necklace, Ralph Lauren Hawaiiana jacket (borrowed from the First Hawaiian Officer), Ken Done vintage shirt, Saba leather belt, Dragstar denim skirt, Happy Socks, Fluevog shoes, Ken Done tote from op shop.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Two

Show/Share: Some days one has no choice but to wear Double-Denim, and This. Is. One. Such. Day… xo

Tell: Necklace gifted by my aunt, Esprit skivvy from op shop, denim jacket from Cat Protection Society op shop, Saba belt, Dragstar denim skirt, Fluevog boots. Ken Done clutch. Snake bracelet from op shop**

**Technically, both my necklace and bracelets are belts… but for people much, much smaller than me, and since when has an item’s original purpose stopped me?!

ShowTellShare Sixty-Six


Tell: Lafont glasses, vintage Hawaiian Varsity Jacket gifted by the First Hawaiian Officer, 1970s apple-perfume necklace gifted from my Mum, necklace from op shop, Ojay top, Dragstar denim skirt, Sportscraft leather belt, Happy Socks, vintage 90s Fluevogs.

Share: Despite looking like I’m auditioning myself for a low-fi ‘Grease’ musical production, I actually spent the afternoon shooting the breeze with a dear friend of mine. A lovely casual Sunday, really. Mahalo xo

ShowTellShare Thirty-Eight


Tell: Cotton-On leotard from op shop, American Apparel leotard, Saba belt, Dragstar 70’s denim skirt, Fluevogs.

Share: I’ve clearly had some sort of American *influence* today: I’m replete with my own version of stars and stripes in red, white and blue. Who knows how this happens? … What I do know, however, is that there’s no longer just double-denim action for me to play with; today I’m doing double-leotard fun… Ah, the things that keep me entertained! xo

ShowTellShare Thirty-Four

Show: Oh, how I love wearing The Social Studio and other, fine, local Australian fashion. That grin is *pure* joy!

Tell: Glasses from op shop, earrings from the UK, Tatty Devine necklace, vintage belt worn as necklace, The Social Studio felt jacket from TSS4 collection, Dragstar dress, Black Milk leggings, Trippen sandals from outlet store in Berlin, Oroton purse from op shop, Ken Done scarf (*love*).

Share: So much meeting and greeting over these past two days… Yesterday I met and chatted with Tom from StartSomeGood about crowdfunding, and then I met with Celia at Dragstar about running boutique fashion labels locally (and ended up being involved in their *rad* competition. Check out my impromptu presentation skills – or lack thereof – here ). Below is Ingrid and I unveiling the Dragstar winner:

A big thank you to Tom and Celia for your time and expertise. Very helpful. Then today I met with Natasha who is writing a media piece on The Social Studio for Andable (who are launching in May – check it out – like Etsy with social impact).

And next I’m off to meet some of the lovely women from Africa Konnect. Plus, all this fun while wearing this *excellent* The Social Studio‘s felt cape… check out the back detailing… Yep, it’s like louvre system while I zip around the joint!! And, of course, a Happy Friday to you, xo