ShowTellShare One-Hundred and One

Show/Share: Sorry, you’ll have to forgive me for not looking at you, but I’m completely distracted by this *fantastic* new Australian novel…

What you’re seeing is ‘The Burial’, by Courtney Collins: a dear and spectacular friend of ours. This is her first novel published by Allen & Unwin, and I’m so very proud of her! I can’t wait to start reading this story in earnest…

Now, an odd segway. Sometimes, I play word-association games with fashion. So, The Burial is about a female bushranger. I think, ‘Bushranger. What fashion? Bushranger? Umm, I know, a jumpsuit**.’ Thus, here’s me wearing a jumpsuit to show-off the book…

And if you’re thinking, who the hell wears a jumpsuit in the Australian bush?! … Then I probably should remind you of this photo of me in the early What Ken Be Done days, whilst in a Noosa rainforest:

** I should also add that many of my fashion word-association games end with the answer, ‘Jumpsuit’. I really do love jumpsuits!

So congratulations to Courtney, and happy reading and creative days to you all! xo xo

Tell: Kmart skivvy, vintage S.L. Fashions jumpsuit from Hawaii, Jonathan Aston tights, other retail tights, Fluevog boots.

Oh, and some double-tights fun as well:

ShowTellShare Eighty-Four


Tell: Skivvy from Kmart, vintage ‘Durben’ top from op shop, Levis jeans from US, handmade gloves (re-worked old socks!), Fluevog boots, Honolulu Academy of Art bag from Hawaii.

Share: This is what I wore on Saturday. It was a great, relaxing day. Sometimes, that’s just what you need, right?

Well, that, and dark blue eyebrows…

ShowTellShare Sixty-Six


Tell: Lafont glasses, vintage Hawaiian Varsity Jacket gifted by the First Hawaiian Officer, 1970s apple-perfume necklace gifted from my Mum, necklace from op shop, Ojay top, Dragstar denim skirt, Sportscraft leather belt, Happy Socks, vintage 90s Fluevogs.

Share: Despite looking like I’m auditioning myself for a low-fi ‘Grease’ musical production, I actually spent the afternoon shooting the breeze with a dear friend of mine. A lovely casual Sunday, really. Mahalo xo

ShowTellShare Eighteen


Tell: Glasses from op shop, handmade earrings, necklace from Maui, jacket from op shop (yes, I realise it’s actually a dressing gown!), singlet from op shop, belt from op shop, The Social Studio skirt, stockings from Japan, Fluevogs, Jenny Kee bag from eBay, Tatty Devine cat ring and bracelet.

Share: Bright colours for the Big City!

I’m heading into Sydney CBD for a day full of meetings to discuss with people bringing The Social Studio to Sydney. Wish me luck!

ShowTellShare Four

Tell: Ken Done glasses, TopShop UK earrings, vintage belt as necklace, The Social Studio silk top, vintage Hawaiian dress from California, tights from Japan, Trippen shoes from Berlin outlet.

Share: This looks like a fine day to go and hang out with some feminists…

And in fashion news, a bit of a story. Due to years of yoga my body has changed quite a bit, now making my rib cage and surrounding muscles larger. In part I’ve accepted this – I certainly feel the best I ever have – yet it’s still a bit fashion-sad for me that due to this body change, it’s meant culling my wardrobe significantly, especially of vintage frocks. I’m sorry to see some pieces I’ve had for decades have to go. But now I’m concentrating on getting them into good hands…  and I’m pretty sure that some of my close friends are going to be happy as the clothing pieces get handed out shortly. (If colour, colour, colour is their style, of course!) My body change has also meant I need to be a bit creative with adjusting some garments; case in point today is taking my Social Studio short silk kaftan top and turning it into a shoulder wrap. Extra bonus is reduced chance of sunburn on my pale arms!

Have a lovely Sunday, peeps. xo

ShowTellShare One

Tell: Umbrella from Japan, op-shop glasses, Tatty Devine jewellery, Nicola Waite jacket worn as dress (from op shop), vintage belt, vintage beads from op shop, The Social Studio leggings, Fluevog Shoes, Honolulu Academy bag from Hawaii.

Share: Today marks my leap in a new direction: I’m now working on bringing The Social Studio to Sydney. And I want you to be part of it too. More *good* fashion! More colour! More Social Studio!

Where I’m standing right now is also the wall Bec and I modelled in front of the night The Social Studio won the Sustainable Design Award, by Fashion Group International in March 2011. I had such a great evening that night, and it solidified my love of The Social Studio and what it aims to achieve.

In July 2011 when I finished What Ken Be Done I felt so happy that we’d all made a contribution to helping The Social Studio be a success. As it turns out, I couldn’t stop…

You see, the more time I spent with The Social Studio, the more I believed in their vision of creating real opportunities for people from refugee backgrounds. The Social Studio’s creative approach of using fashion design as a catalyst for employment and education is exciting to me.

So why not see if we can create the same opportunity for people from refugee backgrounds in NSW? Luckily, with the support of the Slingsby Foundation, we’ve already secured some seed funding for me to start this work.

This blog will chronicle my efforts. I’m going to post up my outfits, and ShowTellShare with you what The Social Studio is producing, and how I seek to build support for our Sydney expansion. Make no mistake: I’m not doing this alone. I hope you are going to be part of this too. I hope you’ll join me as we keep doing good in a fashion…