ShowTellShare One Hundred and Sixty-Six

Show: Friday Happy Blues…



Tell: Ken Done vintage glasses, earrings handmade by and gifted from Iain, Tatty Devine fish necklace, Jessica Dance necklace, Reg Mombassa ‘Mambo’ singlet from op shop, Saba belt, Ken Done vintage handmade skirt from eBay, tights from Japan, Fluevog boots.

Share: I have no real interest in surf wear, but I have a deep love for the art of Reg Mombassa (Chris O’Doherty). I saw a retrospective of his artwork in Sydney a few years ago and felt completely inspired by his art practice. So when I found me some vintage Reg Mombassa art via this ‘Mambo’ shirt in an op shop, I grabbed it *hard* with both hands, with no plans to let go anytime soon.

A shout out too, to darling Frances at Corpulent for our shared love of Mombassa (amongst many other things)! xo

The Social Outfit work-wise, I’m back into the swing of things (now only with what I’m calling a *stabby* appendix), with an excellent fundraising meeting with Antonia and David from our Committee last night. Progress, progress.

ShowTellShare Ninety-Nine

Show: Animated Panda Leggings. It just screams *Saturday Night* to me! xo

Off to a darling friend’s birthday party…

Tell: Ken Done glasses, handmade earrings, Jessica Dance necklace, Carla Zampatti silk jacket, Uniqlo skivvy, Saba skirt as dress, Katies skirt from op shop, Black Milk leggings, Fluevogs, vintage Oroton glomesh purse from Fairfield op shop ($12 of joy!).

Share: *Technically* my eyebrows are purple here, but I’m just not sure the colour is coming through enough… may need to test more! And, of course, the *beloved* Ken Done large 1980s frames. I love. The Hawaiian First Officer does not. Fantastic!

Hope you are enjoying your *good* self this evening xo

ShowTellShare Seventy-Six


Tell: Glasses from op shop, H&M earrings from Japan, Uniqlo skivvy from Japan, Jessica Dance necklace, vintage Escada jacket from eBay, Ken Done skirt (reworked from a dress), SpinDance petticoat, Jonathan Aston stockings, other retail stockings underneath, Fluevogs.

Share: Given we’re off to see the Dame Edna Everage farewell tour tonight, I kinda *had* to make sure I was dressed with a bit of drag-fun-inspiration, yes?! And really, it doesn’t get much better for a Sydney winter than a vintage 1980s Escada puffer-jacket. *Bliss*

Smiles all round, that’s for sure! xo

ShowTellShare Twelve


Tell: Vintage kaftan from Savers Frankston, Jessica Dance necklace.

Share: Trust the Savers op shop in Frankston to come up with 1970s kaftan goodness. Without my full wardrobe at my fingers, I can’t quite style this piece up like I would want to, but it does serve me well as a comfortable nursing outfit as I take care of my Mum. Certainly I bring a little more colour (and hopefully, more compassion) than Nurse Ratched!

ShowTellShare Eight

Show: There’s so many photos to Show today! So I’ll do the Telling and Sharing part as we go along…
So here we are at Penthouse Mouse last night for the Midmouse Runway, showcasing the fifth collection of The Social Studio as a part of L’Oreal Fashion Week. Standing next to me is Po who has her own fashion tumblr. It is so *great* to be in Melbourne supporting The Social Studio; check out some of the showcased collection:

I know the quality of the photos isn’t the best, but it was so hard to get a shot properly: the models are moving so quickly! I gave up trying to get shots immediately, so these photos here are the handiwork of the Hawaiian First Officer. Thank *goodness* I had someone with expertise on hand; all I could do was *gush* at the clothes! (And when the lookbook is available I’ll post the link, of course).

This is me and Stephanie Kabanyana: she designed and made the beaded necklaces that were showcased with The Social Studio’s collection. The beads are handmade from the same fabric, and I can’t wait to take a closer look at them in the shop next week. Another lady who loves wearing bold colour, as you can see…

And here’s me with the lovely (Fashion) Hayley Hughes! I’ve been reading her blog for ages, and I was so pleased we got to meet in person. She was taking shots for the runway show, and I’m pretty sure the quality of her picks are going to be a whole lot better than our attempts! I also told her about the plan to bring The Social Studio to Sydney, and she’s excited about the prospect… I *love* the idea of growing support for this great initiative with people from within the industry like Hayley!

And this is me with Farah Farouque, who is the Chair of The Social Studio Board, and also an Editor with The Age newspaper. The Board is very supportive of us looking to expand into Sydney, and Farah is so warm and welcoming to me and my bright clothing!

Finally a bit of a look at my outfit for the night: glasses from op shop, earrings from Japan, Jessica Dance necklace, Ken Done 1980s jacket from eBay (bought after What Ken Be Done, may I add!), The Social Studio silk skirt, Fluevogs, ring from Rome.

A great time, all round. xo xo