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Tell: Green earrings gifted by Kirsten from China, Wa-Nyika pink earrings, handmade orange beaded necklace, vintage beaded necklace from Santa Barbara, The Social Studio silk dress, Estilio leather belt, 1980s ‘Maggie T‘ dress from second-hand store, retail tights and Fluevog boots.


Share: Today I met with some lovely staff within the Sydney Institute, TAFE NSW, to progress our working relationship. An important part of The Social Studio education model is the provision of TAFE-accredited, nationally-recognised training in the areas of fashion, retail and hospitality. At The Social Outfit in Sydney, we want to make sure we can also provide such integral support as well; so we’re all working hard to make it happen. Plus, I’m just a big believer in vocational and ‘on the job’ training as a key part of education and skills development here in Australia generally. So *hooray* TAFE! And in the meantime, we’ll keep progressing on our formal arrangements…

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Show: Mixing it up…
STS 158

Share: Friday… and celebrating finding some more vintage ‘Maggie T’ recently. How I’ve always *loved* Maggie Tabberer‘s look, and this 1980s dress is a great example of her designs too…

Tell: Earrings from op shop, Tatty Devine star necklace, The Social Studio fabric necklace, ‘Maggie T‘ vintage dress on sale from a secondhand store in Newtown, Oroton belt from op shop, retail socks, Fluevog shoes.

Show/Share: And Thursday… celebrating being back working on The Social Outfit in 2013. We had a planning day with Chloe and Kit to start preparing for what is sure to be busy times ahead. Naturally, I needed to be wearing The Social Studio, just to remind me of our purpose: *Doing good in a fashion…* xo

Tell: Tatty Devine necklace and rings, The Social Studio silk dress, vintage handmade dress underneath, Black Milk ‘Woman in Red’ leggings, Saba belt, Fluevog shoes from Sole Devotion. Vintage bracelet gifted by Bec from Flamingo Park store.

ShowTellShare Fifty-Nine


Tell: Glasses from op shop, earrings from op shop, skivvy from op shop, Faith dress from op shop, vintage Maggie T jacket from op shop, leather belt ‘borrowed’ from the First Hawaiian Officer, boots from op shop.

Share: Finding this vintage Maggie T jacket in an op shop remains a highlight in my op-shopping career. I *love* Maggie Tabberer and all she has given to Australian fashion (and I *double-love* it when her profession is encapsulated as being a “personality“!)

Later today I’m off to try and forge new partnerships for The Social Studio in Sydney; this time with an ally beside me. Wish us luck!