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Show / Share: Because *a picture is worth a thousand words*; I’ve made one into a necklace…

We were entertaining dear guests and friends last night. Good times xo

Tell: Glasses from op shop, handmade necklace from a ‘Made in Italy’ silk picture found in an op shop, Photios Bros. beaded necklaces, vintage handmade dress from op shop, skivvy from op shop, Saba belt on sale, Japonica Barclay shoes on sale.

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Tell: Photios Brothers costume jewellery, handmade necklace, 1980s Mondi jumper from op shop, vintage handmade dress from op shop, Spotscraft belt, Lacoste sample boots.

Share: My 89th post since I started this blog; and that makes it about six months since I started in earnest working on The Social Studio in Sydney plan. Time passing like this makes me well aware at how long the progress is to try and successfully set up a social enterprise venture. Often I want to come here and tell you that I’ve had a win, or that we’ve jumped ahead. But the truth is, sometimes instead what is required is just hard work, over a period of time, to build a solid business case. And even then, it’s not like this is a certainty. Proving ‘need’ alone is not always enough. You know how much I’d *love* a version of The Social Studio here in Sydney, right? What an opportunity! So while I keep plugging away (with significant expertise from others), I hope at least my clothing can bring you a *little* bit of colour and fun as a joyful distraction, as it does for me… xo

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Tell: Photios Bros vintage earrings, Sussan skivvy from op shop, Zzitto shirt from op shop, Sportscraft belt, skirt from op shop, Uniqlo leggings from Japan, Fluevogs.

Share: Today I met with Sophie Bartho who is the founder of the 1$ Day campaign. Sophie and I have been meeting up over the past few weeks to talk through the challenges and successes of starting new ventures which have a *social good* at their core. Spending quality time with Sophie is great, and by talking with her, I am reminded of how we can each learn from one another when we’re open to it. I certainly know that come Wednesday 25 July this year, I’ll be donating to her charity.

And in fashion related matters, this shirt is another *hilarious* example of 1980s fashion thinking: just check out the oversize nature of this shirt – it’s almost like a kimono / robe – and yet it’s labelled a size 10! Go figure. Then again, the colour-pop action this top achieves can’t be questioned… and it even has sequins on the back, around a stiletto. Priceless.