ShowTellShare Two Hundred and Forty-Seven

Aaaaaand, October to early January 2015 outfit photos…


Some stuff I’m wearing: Tatty Devine necklace, The Social Outfit tunic, The Social Outfit tube skirt (made from donated Seafolly lycra), Nike Sky Hi sneakers.


Some stuff I’m wearing: Tabitha social enterprise green necklace sold at The Social Outfit, handmade beaded necklace, Diane Freis 1980s skirt as dress tunic, Nike Sky Hi sneakers.



Some stuff I’m wearing: Tabitha social enterprise green necklace sold at The Social Outfit, vintage 1980s oversize shirt from op shop, The Social Outfit tube skirt.

This was what I wore for Christmas Eve in the shop…


Some stuff I’m wearing: Handmade beaded necklaces, Yazbukey Freddie Mercury brooch, The Social Outfit tunic, The Social Outfit tube skirt and leggings made by fabric donated by NIDA. Artwork behind by Nico.

STS_247_2 IMG_5124IMG_5171

Socks from Japan… *Wan wan* Wonderful!


Some stuff I’m wearing: Tatty Devine earrings and necklace, Retrospec’d dress, Spin Dance Australia petticoat, socks from Japan, Fluevog sandals.


ShowTellShare Two Hundred and Thirty-Four

Show/Share: My brother recently celebrated his 40th birthday; and it was lovely to spend some *party time* with him and his family… and especially if it also involves a bit of festive dressing!


As Melbourne’s recent weather has been *super hot* – and as I’m prone to burning instantly under any kind of sun – I went with the ‘light-covering’, layering look… (And especially as that also allowed me to wear both The Social Outfit and The Social Studio gear in celebration!)


Tell: Glasses from Japan, Tatty Devine necklace, vintage beads, The Social Studio silk kaftan, ‘The Social Outfit loves Linda Jackson’ leggings from ‘Colour Chameleon’, Fluevog sandals.

Then here’s a recent Friday-evening-outfit when I was out for some relaxing and fun…


Tell: Glasses from Japan, Tatty Devine watermelon earrings and necklace, Tatty Devine bow necklace, Retrospec’d dress (made and sold locally in Australia), ‘Spin Dance Australia‘ petticoat, Fluevog shoes, and Ken Done bag.

STS 234_1

With it already being February, I’m fully back at work at The Social Outfit, and working hard. As you might imagine we’ve got a lot of planning and preparations underway to start off our full-time school, retail store and community space in Sydney. Exciting! And nerve-wracking! Here’s me on a working day, sporting a new The Social Studio dress – made with vintage fabric – I bought when in Melbourne last week…


Tell: Glasses from Japan, Tatty Devine earrings and necklace, vintage necklace and bracelets from op shop, The Social Studio dress, stockings from Japan, Trippen shoes.

… I love these stockings from Japan, with the individual toe sections. I know ‘toe-socks’ are far more common in Australia now, but I haven’t seen the stocking-versions take off quite so much. I can’t believe I haven’t laddered them yet!

P1040958So from my head to my toes, hope you’re *ace* and I look forward to sharing more updates with you soon! xo

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Forty-Nine

Show/Share: Today, I briefly found myself in this *great place* on the eve of an important Australian speech, twenty years ago now…

And then we headed out to my university end of year celebration.

A lovely afternoon with colleagues and friends, and what I called the *wolf-dog*. She’s huge, but camera-shy, so the day involved me chasing her around to try and catch the evidence of her MASSIVE ears and head…

Good times.

And just a *touch* of some orange lipstick on the eyebrows, because, you know… xo

Tell: Handmade necklace, Retrospec’d dress, vintage leather belt from secondhand store, Spin Dance petticoat, retail stockings and socks, Fluevog sandals, vintage knitting bag from op shop.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Seventeen

Show/Share: The Book Launch of Courtney Collin’s The Burial and a Garden Party, no less! Now this is truly a time for a dress up and some fun…

Book Launcher: the delightful, Ms Meggan Grose – a.k.a Ms Koori Love – and Book Launchee: the author-extraordinnaire Courtney Collins

I was so excited about Courtney and her well-deserved success, that I *needed* to dress for Garden Party F-U-N! I was even asked to being a fruit platter, thus my 1950s Tupperware cake holder … Yes! I’m living the ‘domestic dream’! …

My 3D-Ant Farm Bag: the black ants are moveable within the plastic covering… All-Class!

*Spotted!* The Hawaiian First Officer in ‘proper’ vintage linen Hawaiian gear (which I found in the UK: *score!*) … and posing with lovely Hugh (they were having a green shoe moment together… THFO’s are Fluevogs, naturally 🙂 )…

*Bag-Love* starts early: Hugh’s daughter, Millie, was a total fan of the moving ants – that and really, all my baubles and whistles in costume dressing. She’s such a darling …

Then the Ukeladies gave a supreme performance for the launch (and Hawaiian-inspired, no less)… they are a DELIGHT…

Yup, I hope you can see why I am smiling on this lovely Saturday. Well Done, Courtney! And Well Done, Everyone and Anyone who follows their dream…

Tell: Glasses from op shop, Tatty Devine necklace, vintage cardigan from RetroSpect’d, Aywon vintage skirt from op shop, Spin Dance petticoat, Saba belt, Fluevog shoes, PigPen bag from Prahran shopping (early 2000’s), vintage Tupperware from eBay.

And you know, if you wanted to buy and read Courtney’s book, then that would be totally *RAD* (Kindle version here) xo xo

ShowTellShare Twenty-Nine


Although it looks like I’m trying to pour tea on my dress, what in fact I’m attempting to show you my new Spin Dance petticoat! But alas, I was running late last night, so I’m afraid this is the best shot of my lovely teal petticoat I have for now. Hardly anything! Oh well, I’ll just have to wear it again soon…

Tell: Jean Lafont glasses, Photios brothers necklace with Tatty Devine brooch, Retrospec’d dress, Spin Dance petticoat, stocking from Japan, Fluevogs and my Amilya silver leather tea pot handbag from Himeji, Japan.

Share: We were off to a friend and his partner’s dinner party last night. As the boys were hosting us so graciously, I borrowed The Hawaiian First Officer’s Tatty Devine ‘Gilbert & George’ brooch to mark the occasion. As it turns out, one of our hosts had heard them recently in Melbourne when they were touring. And we had such a lovely evening with delightful company. Good times!