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Share: Friday was one of those really busy days; meeting with a range of exciting people, and then catching the moments in between to send off emails and make deadlines. I was zipping around the city from one stop to another, propelled in part by one of my favourite, *vibrant*, The Social Studio silk dress…


Tell: Jenny Kee for The Wilderness Society scarf, earrings from op shop, handmade necklaces, beaded necklaces and bracelets gifted by my Dad and step-Mum from South Africa, The Social Studio ‘Magical Tent’ collection silk dress, ‘Birthday Suit’ stirrup leggings, Trippen shoes from Berlin outlet.



First up I met with Melissa from Sew Make Create. Melissa and her *gorgeous-hilarious* dog, Pepper, were lovely hosts and showed me around their Ultimo shop and sewing studio. Sew Make Create is a great initiative; getting people together locally to learn sewing skills, and you can also hire the machines/overlockers there too. I really encourage checking it out if you’re in Sydney…


On Friday I also had the absolute pleasure of doing some of The Social Outfit‘s planning work with the designer, Nina Maya Skrzynski. Nina has proven experience with her own fashion label, and she’s interested in lending her skills and expertise to develop The Social Outfit‘s business plan further. Needless to say, we’re very excited at this prospect!

Finally, the response from the ‘call out for artists’ for The Social Outfit Pilot in The Rocks has also been overwhelming. People shared the information far and wide, and we’ve had so much interest. So thank you! It’s brilliant to see so many artistic people out there excited about working creatively with Sydney’s refugee communities. Stay tuned to hear how our workshops develop, and a *big* thank you to everyone who made contact and has shown an interest.


ShowTellShare Fifty-Eight


Tell: Glasses from op shop, earrings from Japan, handmade South African beaded necklaces and bracelets, skivvy from op shop, TS dress (underneath), Zara dress from op shop, Saba belt from outlet, The Social Studio leggings, Fluevogs.

Share: On Saturday, I got on some *green and gold* and met with a great bunch of brains to help me develop The Social Studio further. I’d like to say we all came up with an immediate solution for the success of The Social Studio Sydney, but life just often doesn’t work like that… Instead, what these people did was to help me see more clearly what I now need to focus on to develop this project. A key aspect is to involve more *good* people; specifically in something like a formalised Steering Committee structure. This would allow a group of people to work together on securing a feasible future, instead what may at this stage just look like ‘me’. Because I value the advice of those I trust, I’ve begun these steps and we’ll watch and wait to see what happens in the next little while…

In the meantime, I’ll keep dressing for some fun. xo (Like today: um, a potential uniform for Oz, London Olympics 2012?!)

ShowTellShare Twenty-Eight


Tell: Glasses from Japan, earrings from op shop, handmade necklaces and bangles from South Africa, Jaxson Dee vintage dress from Chapel Street Bazaar, Uniqlo leggings, Fluevogs.

Share: My Dad and step-Mum recently went back to South Africa to visit family, and bought me home these *wonderful* necklaces and beads at my request. I remember these so clearly as a kid… I’d be sent them regularly from family to me in Australia as I was growing up. I love the colours so much, but somehow over the years had lost or broken them. The women who make these pieces are so skilled; such fine craftsmanship. So I asked Dad to stock up lots this time so I can wear *heaps* of beads all at the same time. Today’s a pretty subdued version, but never fear, soon there will be more, more, more!

The relative quietness this week on photo-posting and updates on The Social Studio is just because I’ve taken a moment to catch my breath – after putting in another grant application on Monday – to work out how much I’ve done so far, and what work I need to keep focusing on. Shortly, you’ll see my reflection efforts… exciting!

And never fear, the weekend is here, so there will be a dressing-up post tomorrow for sure. Until then, take care and have fun! Oh, and *Happy Birthday* Darling David M! xo