ShowTellShare Two Hundred and Forty-Three

So much to Show, Tell and Share! Almost three months of The Social Outfit being open… and truth be told, I’ve been kept very, very busy with all the learning and new experiences of setting up our social enterprise. One thing is for sure: we’re all doing our best! You can read more about our start-up, set-up, and fit out here:

This post below is where I’ll catch up on a couple of outfits and a bit of news… Nothing too fancy, but you can see some of what I’ve been doing, and wearing, as we work *super hard* to build our community site and retail store here in Newtown, Sydney…

First up, an image of me and Oboya, working in the store… We’ve had some lovely early media heralding our doors being open to the public.


Sydney winter really is never too cold, so I loved wearing this faux fur neckwear in our cooler months…


And, as always, a bit ‘o Tatty Devine in my wardrobe: in this case, the oversize plastic blue jewel necklace…


Oboya and I have been working together since the opening of our store in late June. You might remember Oboya all the way back in our first fashion show in 2012 (also when we first met). I don’t always show everyone we work together with here at ShowTellShare, because first and foremost we’re a community space, but Oboya was happy for me to show his *ACE x a million styling*. This young man really does know how to dress, and here is but one example!


Hat Style = Check. Keeping the tag on = Check.


Also, here’s Jo, our sewing teacher at The Social Outfit. As life would have it, Jo made not one, but TWO dresses back for me in the ‘What Ken Be Done‘ days… so imagine my delight that here we are, working together for creativity, social inclusion and *good* fashion!


And now, some random information on some of my shop outfits…

Like, wearing vintage 1980s Jenny Kee (the dress), and community my Cambodian silk-bead-necklace from Tabitha House and Nurturing Threads, sold at our store


I love the metallic matching of my vintage dress from an op shop with this Tatty Devine mirror-jewel-necklace, and The Social Studio leggings …


Greens, reds and oranges… and Linda Jackson!



Vintage Sussan cardigan from op shop… 1980s *gold*!



And finally, an ensemble of ‘The Social Outfit loves Ken Done‘, with a wool vintage dress/jacket from an op shop…



And speaking of Ken Done…

ShowTellShare Ninety-Seven


Tell: Handmade earrings, Sussan skivvy from op shop, ‘Embassy’ dress from second hand store Newtown, Saba belt, Fluevog boots. Below: hand-knitted scarf by my grandmother, crochet cape from op shop.

Share: I bought this vintage dress from a second hand store for $5. I like it. I hope you like it, too. That is all. xo

ShowTellShare Eighty-Five

Show/Share: Just your average Monday morning then, with a high-waisted ‘Mom’ 1980s denim skirt and jazz hands…

And let’s not overlook either this *classic* 1980s cotton jacket by Australian designer Kaye Scott. Mustard. *So Good* …

Tell: Tatty Devine necklace, vintage beaded necklace from California, Kaye Scott jacket from Randwick op shop, 1980s denim skirt from op shop, Sussan skivvy from op shop, Fluevog boots, bracelet gifted by my Aunt and Uncle.

ShowTellShare Sixty-One


Tell: Glasses from Japan, H&M earrings from Japan, Sussan skivvy from op shop, ‘Finlan of Mebourne’ kaftan from op shop, Saba leather belt, necklace from Northern Africa, Fluevogs.

Share: The day started off with a little tiff, when I commented that the First Hawaiian Officer was getting a bit over-dressed for a casual and relaxed Saturday with only the running of errands on our agenda. By the look the FHO gave me, I take it that my own outfit wasn’t as ‘casual’ as it felt in my head either. But, c’mon, it IS a kaftan! What do you think? Casual or overdressed for an errand-running Saturday?

ShowTellShare Fifty-Six


Tell: Photios Bros vintage earrings, Sussan skivvy from op shop, Zzitto shirt from op shop, Sportscraft belt, skirt from op shop, Uniqlo leggings from Japan, Fluevogs.

Share: Today I met with Sophie Bartho who is the founder of the 1$ Day campaign. Sophie and I have been meeting up over the past few weeks to talk through the challenges and successes of starting new ventures which have a *social good* at their core. Spending quality time with Sophie is great, and by talking with her, I am reminded of how we can each learn from one another when we’re open to it. I certainly know that come Wednesday 25 July this year, I’ll be donating to her charity.

And in fashion related matters, this shirt is another *hilarious* example of 1980s fashion thinking: just check out the oversize nature of this shirt – it’s almost like a kimono / robe – and yet it’s labelled a size 10! Go figure. Then again, the colour-pop action this top achieves can’t be questioned… and it even has sequins on the back, around a stiletto. Priceless.