ShowTellShare Forty-Three


Tell: Promenade oversize shirt from op shop, Table Eight dress from op shop, Uniqlo leggings from Japan, Trippen shoes from Rome.

Share: This morning I rang my Mum and told her that her present for Mother’s Day from me was a flight up to Sydney with my niece and nephew, for a weekend holiday, in a few months time. Now that *fun* news has made for a *good* Sunday. xo

ShowTellShare Thirty-Four

Show: Oh, how I love wearing The Social Studio and other, fine, local Australian fashion. That grin is *pure* joy!

Tell: Glasses from op shop, earrings from the UK, Tatty Devine necklace, vintage belt worn as necklace, The Social Studio felt jacket from TSS4 collection, Dragstar dress, Black Milk leggings, Trippen sandals from outlet store in Berlin, Oroton purse from op shop, Ken Done scarf (*love*).

Share: So much meeting and greeting over these past two days… Yesterday I met and chatted with Tom from StartSomeGood about crowdfunding, and then I met with Celia at Dragstar about running boutique fashion labels locally (and ended up being involved in their *rad* competition. Check out my impromptu presentation skills – or lack thereof – here ). Below is Ingrid and I unveiling the Dragstar winner:

A big thank you to Tom and Celia for your time and expertise. Very helpful. Then today I met with Natasha who is writing a media piece on The Social Studio for Andable (who are launching in May – check it out – like Etsy with social impact).

And next I’m off to meet some of the lovely women from Africa Konnect. Plus, all this fun while wearing this *excellent* The Social Studio‘s felt cape… check out the back detailing… Yep, it’s like louvre system while I zip around the joint!! And, of course, a Happy Friday to you, xo

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Tell: Glasses from op-shop, earrings from Japan, Tatty Devine necklace, vintage Studibaker Hawk dress, Trippen shoes from Rome, and Ken Done bag from Enmore op shop.

Share: We were off to Tilly’s Naming Day today. And, as the First Hawaiian Officer says that Tilly is like a little spirited tiger, I was inspired to wear my Tatty Devine tiger necklace as a tribute to her, and all that she can be in this world… She’s lovely!

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Tell: Ken Done glasses, TopShop UK earrings, vintage belt as necklace, The Social Studio silk top, vintage Hawaiian dress from California, tights from Japan, Trippen shoes from Berlin outlet.

Share: This looks like a fine day to go and hang out with some feminists…

And in fashion news, a bit of a story. Due to years of yoga my body has changed quite a bit, now making my rib cage and surrounding muscles larger. In part I’ve accepted this – I certainly feel the best I ever have – yet it’s still a bit fashion-sad for me that due to this body change, it’s meant culling my wardrobe significantly, especially of vintage frocks. I’m sorry to see some pieces I’ve had for decades have to go. But now I’m concentrating on getting them into good hands…  and I’m pretty sure that some of my close friends are going to be happy as the clothing pieces get handed out shortly. (If colour, colour, colour is their style, of course!) My body change has also meant I need to be a bit creative with adjusting some garments; case in point today is taking my Social Studio short silk kaftan top and turning it into a shoulder wrap. Extra bonus is reduced chance of sunburn on my pale arms!

Have a lovely Sunday, peeps. xo