ShowTellShare Seventy-Four

Show: “So just before you go on television, can I tell you a little bit about The Social Studio, Prime Minister? And please, smile if you like what you’re hearing…”

The Social Studio: everyone thinks it’s a *good* idea!

Tell: Earrings from Japan, Tatty Devine necklaces, Ben Sherman shirt, bodysuit from Berlin, Estilo leather belt, skirt from second-hand store in Newtown, Jonathan Aston stockings, Underground Creepers, Ken Done tote bag.

Share: So we’ve spent the weekend with my Mum and my eldest niece and nephew visiting Sydney. We’ve had a ball: from Madame Tussauds, to making our own movie about children wizards and – you’ve guessed it – evil aunts! Naturally, my wardrobe gave us more than enough costume options for the film…

And as you can see, on their first day, I dressed inspired by clown-fashion, and on our second day, more like a 1980s primary school teacher. Fun, fun times! xo

ShowTellShare Sixteen


Tell: Glasses from op-shop, earrings from Santa Barbara, necklace from op shop, purse necklace from Berlin flea market, TS dress, Diane Freis skirt worn as dress (from op shop), Estilo belt, Underground Creepers from ASOS on sale, rings from Italy.

Share: I arrived last night in Sydney with enough time to make it to a dear friends 40th birthday. It felt just the right occasion to bring out my new Underground Creepers for the first time. They certainly proved popular!

They’re my first ASOS purchase and one I thought long and hard about; justifying in my mind the distance and cost. Still, I’ve been eyeing off Fluevog Brothel Creepers for over a year now, and haven’t been able to find a pair that quite suited, so when I stumbled across these, I decided they’d suit the bill. So far, so *good*.

And my rings from Italy: the two plastic ones from Rome and the silver one from Florence. I hope to treasure these pieces for years.

Happy Sunday to you all, xo.