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Tell: Handmade earrings and necklace, The Social Studio kimono dress, Birthday Suit leggings, Fluevogs.

Share: So yesterday I found out that I didn’t get a key philanthropic grant. The money was so important because it would have funded me to continue the feasibility work for The Social Studio Sydney. D’oh! I went home and cried and cried, because I really want this to happen and despite trying my *darndest*, my dollars are running out and a girl’s got to pay her rent.

Fortunately, as a safety net for myself, I’ve set up a meeting with my brains-trust of *good*people who are going to help me strategise next steps. These are the times I need to call upon my wise allies and ask them to help me think of anything I’m not doing, and help me work out what options I’ve got to get The Social Studio to Sydney.

What I kind of wanted to do today was not post a photo, and to dress in a sack and weep and moan a bit more… Except that’s not going to change much, and really, when I’m trying to do something new and challenging, it’s not like it’s all going to be bloody easy. So face the challenge, Jackie! And the way I choose to deal with it then is by wearing some FABULOUS Social Studio clothing. When I put the gear on, I’m reminded of my purpose: *trying* to do good in a fashion…