ShowTellShare Fourteen

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Tell: Glasses from op shop, Skirtmaster Sydney jacket from Savers op shop Frankston, The Social Studio top, Miss Shop dress from op shop. leggings gifted from Benny, Simon de Winter socks, Fluevogs.

Share: Dressing for an interview. Luckily I have a pair of leggings Benny gifted me at the end of What Ken Be Done; which is a *good* touch seeing as he’s helped to get me this far with the Vodafone Foundation World of Difference. Of course, wearing The Social Studio for luck, and to remind why I’m doing this in the first place. Hooray! So with colourful nerves, I’ll let you know how I go… and thanks for all the support via the ShowTellShare Facebook page, Twitter (@JGRuddock) and here. xo

Happy Harmony Day too. I know may not always achieve *fashion harmony*, but in society, my hope for harmony is what keeps me going!