ShowTellShare One Hundred and Forty-Eight

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Show/Share: Today I’m off on an adventure into new suburbs, as I go to my colleague’s house to work on a academic paper for my university work. Clearly I’ve taken the theme of ‘adventure’ a little too literally: wearing cow-girl gear and *saddling up* for new surrounds! xo

Tell: Glasses from op shop, earrings from Cairns Art Gallery, queen necklace from op shop, Italian shirt from Penrith op shop, high-waisted denim skirt from op shop, leather belt borrowed from the HFO, vintage boots from op shop.

Whereas, yesterday was one of those days when I was *ready and raring to go* early in the a.m. … I was prepared for the day’s meetings, and then they progressively got cancelled as the day wore on. It’s that time of year, I think. And so it basically meant I got *dolled* up to buy my coffee locally, and then spend the day working from home. But with something new like The Social Outfit, there’s always work to do… so onwards and onwards we venture! xo

Tell: The Social Studio t-shirt, Tatty Devine bracelet as necklace, Tatty Devine zipper necklace, skirt from op shop, retail tights and Fluevog shoes.