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Share/Tell/Share: On Saturday I got to spend some time with Ajak and his family, including his lovely daughter, Angwai:


As you know, Ajak is the Chair of The Social Outfit, and this weekend I asked him to help me with making a film for the Vodafone Foundation ‘World of Difference’ grant. This grant is specifically to pay the salary of a person for a whole year to follow their dream… so that would be *me* and it would be for *The Social Outfit*. Funding like this would be *great* support for our development…

Here’s what Ajak and I made together:

Ajak jumped in and took part with his usual humour and persistence. I have some other footage I’m going to put up soon of him talking about what being involved in The Social Outfit means to him. Thanks Ajak! xo

I love teaching myself to make these films. They’re hard work – I spent the whole weekend pulling it together – but anything that encourages creativity and helps me, and us, to explain what we’re trying to achieve is good learning. A big thanks too, to David Hardie and Meredith Turnbull for helping out specifically with the other grant deadlines too this week. A real team effort!

Oh, and please don’t forget, our eBay Ken Done Plus More auctions are all at go! xo

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Last, but never least, our ongoing thanks to Grace and the team at The Social Studio. Without your support, we just wouldn’t be here! And good luck for all your Melbourne Fashion Week preparations underway! xo