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… And here’s Kit and me from last Thursday, working busily on our The Social Outfit work… more meetings, more planning… you know, just good old-fashioned hard work! xo

P1030747STS 165_2

My earrings are actually vintage ‘Donna Karen’ which is fun, but not NEARLY as fun as thinking they stand for ‘Ken Done’! …


STS 165

4 thoughts on “ShowTellShare One Hundred and Sixty-Five

    • Awwww, thanks Bridget! I’m doing OK indeed. I’m taking the experience like a ‘cultural project’ – you know – examining how the hospital system works and thinking about notions of health… Anything to distract from prodding and needles!!

      Not sure what will happen next, so we’ll all just have to wait and see. You’re a Babe! xo xo

  1. Holy arsebiscuit love – hope you’re ok! Please keep us posted! Those earrings are fab, btw. I would totally claim them as KD rather than DK!

    Big hugs – hope you’re ok, Sarah xxx

    • You’re such a darling, Sarah Misfit: thanks xo
      *Arsebiscuit* is about right too! On the improve now, we’ll see.
      And just got to adjust my KD/DK earrings to pierced ear rings: these clip on’s SQUEEEEEEZE way to hard!
      xo xo

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