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Share: I’ve introduced Chloe briefly here before, but today I want to share with you more about her. So let’s start with a *gorgeously* fun photo:


Chloe has been working with us at The Social Outfit since October last year. She was instrumental in helping us with our November runway event, and she’s simply brilliant to have around. Chloe is that person you have in a team who ‘gets things done’, and sees solutions in tricky times. Here’s a bit more about the professional life of Chloe:

In the UK, Chloe managed a successful pub for over ten years. This involved liaising with the council and police, managing staff, ordering, book keeping, stock control and other myriad tasks. Since coming to Australia in 2003 she has worked as a customer service manager, inventory manager and operations manager for Borders Books and as an inventory control specialist for Apple Retail. In the last couple of years Chloe has gained a Certificate III in Education Support and is currently working as a teachers’ aid for St Brendanʼs School in Annandale. Chloe is also working in a volunteer capacity for The Social Outfit.

As an upbeat and engaged person, Chloe also knows people. Heaps of people. Thanks to her, she’s connected us to some fine folks. Take for example, introducing us to Emma, our pro bono graphic designer who has helped us with some *fantastic* visuals for our ‘Case for Support’ (… she also designed this great photo of Chloe above). Most recently Chloe also connected us with John Spencer, our pro bono financial auditor. John’s professional history is nothing short of immense! We’re so pleased and proud to have him involved:

John Spencer, AM, GCStJ: John has worked as a chartered accountant for over 50 years. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, a Life Fellow of the Local Government Auditors Association of NSW, A Local Government Auditor and an Approved General Insurance Auditor. John has a vast wealth of professional experience, auditing over 25 local councils, as well as many large commercial clients over his career. John has also been a member of the St Johnʼs Ambulance for over 60 years. Starting as a cadet in 1949, he has held many offices, such as the Chief Superintendent of Australia 1986-93 and Director of St John’s Ambulance Australia, 1993 to present day. John commanded the St John involvement in the multi-state response to the 1994 bushfires in and around Sydney, and he also planned the St John involvement in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.  John Spencer has been recognised for his professional work and community commitments with many honours and awards, including Knight of the Order 1990, Bailiff Grand Cross of the Order 2006 and Centenary of Australia Medal and Order of Australia, 2002.

So my ongoing, heartfelt thanks to Chloe for showing The Social Outfit so much support. What a *joy* it is to have you around! xo xo

Show: And here’s me yesterday; feeling the green:



Tell: Vintage earrings from Shag in Melbourne, handmade earrings, Tatty Devine necklace, handmade necklace, Toucan brooch from Canberra, Zara dress from op shop, Estillo belt gifted, vintage purse from op shop, retail tights and socks, Fluevog shoes.