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Tell: Earrings from Santa Barbara, necklace from op shop, 1980s ‘ARC’ dress gifted to me by Althea, Sportscraft belt, cuff from London, retail stockings, Fluevog shoes.

Share: I find the holding down of two jobs (being, The Social Outfit as a volunteer, and my university work to pay the rent) is mostly OK, until you get those months when both jobs get busy. November is that month for me. So like any *good* strategist, I’m going to put on some ‘armour’ (in my case, this *lovely* 1980s shiny dress), and start working my way through the work bit by bit, by bit…

… For the next two days I’m attending the last module I need to complete my Certificate IV ‘Training & Assessment’ qualification. It means I can become a TAFE qualified assessor, which would be *super* helpful for The Social Outfit (because The Social Studio model is all about TAFE training and qualifications).

So let’s get this month cracking, and let’s get me some TAFE know-how! xo

4 thoughts on “ShowTellShare One Hundred and Thirty-Four

    • Gasp! A comment from PJ: How WONDERFUL!! Thank you for your *kind* words, and all the encouragement that comes with it. Love xo xo xo

  1. Just discovered how to comment thus the late response – but it’s true, you look great in red and I’m glad that dress found a new home x

    • Althea! Althea! Made a comment: how fun xo
      The dress is well and truly welcomed and ensconced in my life. Thanks so much babe! ;-) xo

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