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Tell: Tatty Devine earring, Diane Freis top from Manly op shop (see how it’s the ‘matching’ top of the skirt I made into a dress here in STS16), Levis organic cotton jeans (I gave them the cuffs, I can barely handle jeans), Camper boots.

Share: Just a quick post, as I’m working at my university job today, and need to get cracking. I did want to take a moment however to *THANK YOU* so much for all the lovely comments about my newsletter update. I’m so glad you liked it and you got that it is about me being creative and giving information in a different, fun way. As you know, I really want to see The Social Studio set up in Sydney – and this was my own small way of sharing that hope. So ‘woot, woot!’ for you! And, because the age of commenting can now be across a multitude of social platforms, I just wanted to share with you a couple more encouraging comments from supporters:

“It is a great newsletter. I can’t remember the last time I read a newsletter from top to bottom!”

“Love the newsletter you sent through, very quirky.”


There were plenty of wonderful words, and I thank you each and every one. You see, you guys are like my new Tatty Devine earring from eBay; it’s based on a street sign from Japan (we got a photo when we were there last time, see below). By holding my hand, and being a support, you help me do better! OK sure, maybe a bit sappy, but I don’t care!! xo

10 thoughts on “ShowTellShare Thirty-One

  1. Hi Jackie

    Just read your fab newsletter. I am trying to think how I might help out. You are such an inspiration and such a fun one at the same time … you are definitely fashioned for good!

    Love your work!


    • Oh thank you SO much, Robin!
      As always, I think I may have a few *good* ideas about ways you can be involved (heh, heh, heh). I’ll be in contact soon, and we can talk more.
      Remember too, even an encouraging post comment and general good-will out there for The Social Studio and me is a help. So thanks for that.
      You are a winner, lovely xo

  2. ok I love the colour combo in the Diana Fries top, and the matching skirt, I suspect they might be too full on worn together.. or extremely 80s? hmm jury still out on DF but I have heard of many a DF found in an op-shop, might be enough to make me keep the ugly OTT dresses labels out… of course to gift to you. How can you not love jeans! xx

    • BirdMonkey, I know you are not convinced, but my love of Diane Freis is really pretty high – it’s always so 80s – so you know I can hardly resist! And an op shop find of Freis is always *very* exciting, so I’d love you too be on the lookout. Fingers crossing. And yes, these two items should not be worn together; I mean, even I can see that!
      I didn’t wear jeans for over a decade, and only have started back again recently. I recognise the comfort and often-quality aspects… it’s just that I want 1980s vintage Versace pattern jeans always, and they’re not renowned in my size, and they also costs a ma-zillion $$ too. Oh well. xo

      • hmm 80′s pattern jeans.. I have started to eye them off again… Moschino is at affordable sometimes… and those that last year had the Ken Done pattern collaboration where pretty good too.

        • Yes, Moschino, good advice (I’ve been eyeing some stuff too… great minds thinking alike and all that). I didn’t know SomethingElse did jeans with KD too, will take a look (though not sure they’ll do my size anyway…). Funny, I’ll show more later, but I’ve only recently been reminded/worked out how fun Moschino really is… here’s to some new finds! xo

    • Hey Quryous, *I heart Diane Freis* too! Hooray!
      And, as I hope you’ll see, I have *quite* a number of Diane Freis pieces now in my collection, which I’ll just keep on sharing… I adore DF’s colour-splash-style. Thanks for your comment, xo

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