ShowTellShare One Hundred and Sixty




Share: New Ken Done frames! I think you can see I was clearly excited about taking these *1980’s-oversize-spectacle-gems* out for their first-wearing-day, and attired myself accordingly with joy…

… BirdMonkey, I partially blame you for yesterday’s outfit, re-inspired as I was after seeing those early 1980s pictures of Nicole K. and her mates in jumpsuits! (See comments here.) Love! xo


Tell: Ken Done for CanTeen headscarf, Ken Done glasses from eBay (for a bargain! Woot, woot!), earrings from an op shop, Tatty Devine necklace, retail singlets, ‘Easy St.’ jumpsuit from Newtown Red Cross op shop, retail socks, Fluevog boots (oh so 1980s Electric Blue!). Jenny Kee vintage bag.


ShowTellShare Forty-One


Tell: Ken Done glasses from eBay, Tatty Devine necklace, Annie Lantz blouse from Penrith op shop, handmade dress from Blacktown op shop, Spin Dance petticoat, Fluevogs, Australiana bag from eBay.

Share: On Radio National this morning there was a lovely program about being an Aunty. When I met up with the Hawaiian First Officer later I said, “That radio show must have influenced my outfit choice today, because I feel I’ve dressed *exactly* like an aunty is supposed to dress.” By the bemused look I got in response, it seems I’m the only one that thinks this. Oh well, it’s Friday and I have my BIG Ken Done frames on: so at least I’m making myself happy! xo

AND a Wonderful Happy Birthday to my darling niece today xo xo