ShowTellShare Two Hundred and Twelve

Show/Share: What a busy week! And, it’s set to be like that for a little while, with many plans and preparations underway at The Social Outfit. So let’s catch you up on this last week, shall we?

On Monday I was invited to speak with participants attending the School for Social Entrepreneurs ‘Accelerator’ Program. It was a lively session in which we discussed leadership style, taking social action and my hopes for The Social Outfit. I really enjoyed meeting the group of 15 people; all leading projects on issues they care about.


Tell: Earrings from op shop, handmade jacket from op shop, The Social Studio silk dress, Katies skirt from op shop, retail tights and socks, Fluevog shoes from Sole Devotion. Robot necklace from Young Blood market.


On Tuesday I had some important meetings, about a project The Social Outfit will be announcing very soon. I can’t wait to tell you all about this, and it won’t be long until I can share all the fun; I promise!


Tell: Country Road jacket from op shop, vintage Ken Done shirt, The Social Studio silk scarf, Uniqlo leggings, Fluevog boots.

Then on Thursday it was back to Fairfield High School for our second session in our fashion workshop series. Emma and I were lucky enough to have Australian Fashion Designer, and The Social Outfit Board member, Nina Maya along for the day. The students really loved meeting Nina, seeing her beautiful clothes and hearing all about her own fashion story:


Nina also showed us about draping as a fashion technique. What’s great about draping is that it is easy to have a go, and really, there are no mistakes. We’re using fabric that’s been donated by Celia at Dragstar; it’s just a plain cotton perfect to explore different draping methods with, as you can see…


Here’s what the students came up with after working with Nina. They took to the workshop with absolute *gusto* and loved making shapes that look elegant. It’s harder to see, but the third mannequin from the left is actually about draping on men’s pants, and men’s hats and scarves. We had a great time together, and Emma and I can’t wait to continue working with the young people. Thanks for being involved too, Nina! xo


Here’s what I wore on Thursday, including wearing an eco-dyed scarf from our pilot project earlier this year.


Tell: Handmade earrings, Uniqlo skivvy, eco-dyed silk scarf from The Social Outfit pilot project, top from op shop, Estilio leather belt, vintage skirt from op shop, Spin Dance petticoat, retail tights, Fluevog shoes.


And on to Saturday. Thanks to some volunteer *brilliance* I worked on The Social Outfit‘s upcoming event we’re heading towards in October. Long-term supporter Meredith Turnbull lent us her office space to work from in Newtown, and David Moutou helped me with planning out the event in detail. This is what David and I looked like after hours of strategising and thinking: all *wide eyed* with good ideas and a very full to-do list!


A *BIG* second thanks to Meredith who also attended on our behalf, the recent ‘National Forum on Children and Young People from Refugee Backgrounds‘ conference, hosted by MYAN and the Sydney University Law School. A fantastic learning opportunity for us.

… Oh, and this is what I looked like earlier on Saturday morning, wandering the Inner West back streets, with colour and *fun* in my step…


Tell: Handmade earrings, The Social Studio silk scarf, handmade necklace, Ken Done 1980s vintage jacket, vintage ‘Ghita Philip Paris’ top from op shop (check out in the photo below the 1980s women’s profile and sequin beading. *GOLD*!), Sportgirl skirt from op shop, retail tights, Happy Socks, Fluevog shoes.


And now, it’s already Monday all over again… so best get moving on all the activities of this week. See you round! xo

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Fourteen

Show/Share: Back to the Sydney hood, and back into The Social Outfit! I was out tonight to the Newtown Precinct Business Association website launch at Dendy Newtown. David Moutou and I were invited from the Sydney Outfit as a chance to speak with Newtown business locals about the opportunity of us starting up The Social Outfit fashion social enterprise in Newtown. And with the vibe and interest tonight, we can see why! Lots of fun, and *joyously* my new The Social Studio dress proved popular with Inner Westies (fashion hood not necessarily worn as below all night!!) xo

And just *because*; some close-up detail of the HIGH level of red and pink matching, via my favourite Ken Done glasses… EXTRA BIG SHOT FOR EXTRA BIG JOY… xo

Tell: Ken Done vintage glasses, The Social Studio dress (on sale too – grab yourself a bargain with the current sale!), Uniqlo skivvy, toucan brooch from the Hive in Canberra, Fluevog boots.

ShowTellShare Eighty-One

Show: I think you can very clearly see why David is a part of the Sydney Outfit:

Style like this is priceless! (Plus, I think he’s helped to give me a bit of a 1970’s influence in my dress choice today!)

Tell: Glasses from Japan, earrings from op shop, ‘Mark Warren’ vintage dress from Perth op shop, Uniqlo skivvy from UK, Tatty Devine necklace, Fluevogs.

Share: But David’s participation in our The Social Studio development in Sydney isn’t just all about a great fashion sense:

David is part of the Community Capacity Building Team at Parramatta City Council as Grants Project Officer. Between 2005-2011 he was also a Director of The Aurora Group, a philanthropic foundation that supports programs benefiting the GLBT communities of NSW, serving as their Chairperson for the last two years, and is now a life member. David has almost finished his Masters of Social Investment and Philanthropy at Swinburne University of Technology. He is also an Alumni of the Sydney Leadership Program (2008).

Add to all this that David is a considered thinker, and an expert community-builder. He also knows how to bring *colour and fun* to life; making him yet another important member of our Sydney Outfit.

And right now, I can do with all the help I can get: so much work to be done! Thank *goodness* for a coalition of *smarts* around me…