ShowTellShare One Hundred and Forty-Five

Show/Tell/Share: Hello! Just letting you know all the *AMAZING* photos are now up from our very recent Sydney November event on our new events page. Check them out! It includes individual photos of our *delightful* models. Oooooh, Aaaaah, Fantastic!

Again, my many, many thanks to all involved for making The Social Outfit‘s first event an occasion to remember xo

Models: Oboya, Susan, Hawanatu. Clothes by The Social Studio. Photo by Hayley Hughes.

Models: Madeleine, Holly, Abuzar and Tamika. Clothes by The Social Studio. Photo by Hayley Hughes.

As for me, I can’t believe our showcase was one week ago to the day. I literally haven’t stopped since then, including the last two days down at Wollongong University. With 2-hours of travelling each way, and interesting social media workshops, my brain is feeling both very full and pretty tired! Still, my university work pays the rent, and allows me to keep working hard on developing The Social Outfit: so no complaints here… xo

Tuesday. Earrings from op shop, original Condoman brooch gifted by Viv, Primo Emporio denim vest, Saba cardigan, Anna Bennett dress from op shop, Simon de Winter socks, Fluevog shoes.

Wednesday. Ken Done t-shirt (that pink you see is the kangaroo’s tail!), dress from op shop (adjusted by me), Sportscraft belt, Uniqlo leggings, Fluevog shoes.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Fourteen

Show/Share: Back to the Sydney hood, and back into The Social Outfit! I was out tonight to the Newtown Precinct Business Association website launch at Dendy Newtown. David Moutou and I were invited from the Sydney Outfit as a chance to speak with Newtown business locals about the opportunity of us starting up The Social Outfit fashion social enterprise in Newtown. And with the vibe and interest tonight, we can see why! Lots of fun, and *joyously* my new The Social Studio dress proved popular with Inner Westies (fashion hood not necessarily worn as below all night!!) xo

And just *because*; some close-up detail of the HIGH level of red and pink matching, via my favourite Ken Done glasses… EXTRA BIG SHOT FOR EXTRA BIG JOY… xo

Tell: Ken Done vintage glasses, The Social Studio dress (on sale too – grab yourself a bargain with the current sale!), Uniqlo skivvy, toucan brooch from the Hive in Canberra, Fluevog boots.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Seven

Show: Presenting Knitted Gold…

Tell: Knitted gold chain handmade by me, child’s kimono worn as jacket, dress bought from Berlin second hand market, Fluevog sandals.

Share: Today I’m off to a training session entitled, ‘How to Better Manage Your Fashion Business Operations’, run by the Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia Limited (also known as the Australia Fashion Council, or TIFA). I’m looking forward to some new insights for setting up The Social Outfit here in Sydney.

As for my necklace, I’m always a bit pleased when I imagine myself crafting-up something, and in the end, I actually complete it, and it looks like I wanted it to. I just love my *BLING* knitted, don’t you?!! xo

ShowTellShare Ninety


Ingrid (L) and Celia Morris from Dragstar Fashion Boutique in Newtown.

Tell: Handmade earrings, Yayoi Kusama necklace from Japan, Tatty Devine giant zip necklace, Table Eight dress from op shop, The Social Studio cardigan, Black Milk leggings, Fluevog boots.

Share: Today I headed down to Dragstar in Newtown to meet with owner, and general *wonder-lady* Celia. Celia graciously agreed to look over our The Social Studio Sydney plan: especially looking out our retail model for the clothing store and manufacturing. And really, who better to know? Celia has successfully run her own Dragstar label for close to twenty years, so she *well* knows how Sydney retail works! Just take a look at her locally-produced clothing and you’ll see what I mean. It’s all great. Plus, she’s super helpful, and her support is a wonderful endorsement for the ways local business is truly supportive of social justice and social enterprise. Thanks Celia xo

Fashion-wise, today I seek to see how much *matchy-matchy* fashion I can achieve in one outfit. And tell me, are your own eyes already twitching, because look, even my eyes have gone red… Oh no hold on, that’s just my red eye make-up!!

ShowTellShare Eighty-Nine


Tell: Photios Brothers costume jewellery, handmade necklace, 1980s Mondi jumper from op shop, vintage handmade dress from op shop, Spotscraft belt, Lacoste sample boots.

Share: My 89th post since I started this blog; and that makes it about six months since I started in earnest working on The Social Studio in Sydney plan. Time passing like this makes me well aware at how long the progress is to try and successfully set up a social enterprise venture. Often I want to come here and tell you that I’ve had a win, or that we’ve jumped ahead. But the truth is, sometimes instead what is required is just hard work, over a period of time, to build a solid business case. And even then, it’s not like this is a certainty. Proving ‘need’ alone is not always enough. You know how much I’d *love* a version of The Social Studio here in Sydney, right? What an opportunity! So while I keep plugging away (with significant expertise from others), I hope at least my clothing can bring you a *little* bit of colour and fun as a joyful distraction, as it does for me… xo

ShowTellShare Seventy-Nine

Show: Right, we’ve got a social enterprise to *build* and develop… so thank *goodness* today I have some earrings with a useful metaphor to help with the work! Read on…

Tell: Tatty Devine earrings, necklace from op shop, Tatty Devine necklace (backwards in the shot – I didn’t notice!), ‘Lorax Original. A Division of Lady Carol’ dress from op shop, Esprit skivvy fro op shop, Saba belt stolen from the First Hawaiian Officer, Happy Socks, Fluevogs.

Share: Today I’m also introducing another important person from The Sydney Outfit.

The Sydney Outfit are the group of people helping me develop our version of The Social Studio model here. You met Antonia a few weeks ago, and here is another member, David Hardie. He’s a *gem* and here’s why:

Over a 30 year career, David has worked in government, nonprofit and philanthropy organisations, most recently at the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation and The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund. David also has extensive volunteer experience in diverse roles, including telephone counselling, refugee settlement assistance and youth mentoring. From 2008 to 2010 he helped establish and manage a successful education support program for school students from a refugee background. He is also the Founder and Director of the Slingsby Foundation.

Plus, David is a *lovely* bloke I’ve had the benefit (and pleasure) of working with on many projects for about four years now. He’s thoughtful, a straight-talker and very willing to take on a challenge. Perfect!

And just to end today’s post, a close up of my dress label. How I *love* this name. You say it out loud, and it just sounds rad. Kind of makes me want to say ‘A Division of Lady Jackie’ at the end of everything i say! xo


ShowTellShare Fifty-Five


Tell: Glasses from op shop, Tatty Devine necklace, unlabelled dress from second hand store, Spin Dance petticoat, Fluevogs, minature case from Japan.

Share: Yesterday I met up with Emma-Kate Wallace who runs an ethical fashion social enterprise called WEFTshop. It was really lovely to meet up and chat with her, and especially to look at the expertly-crafted fabrics and scarves made by the women she works with on the Thai/Burma border.

Moments like those are when I feel much excitement at the possibility in the growth of ethical fashion and manufacturing in Australia and beyond… Must. Make. It. Happen.