ShowTellShare One Hundred and Twenty-Five

Show / Share: Because *a picture is worth a thousand words*; I’ve made one into a necklace…

We were entertaining dear guests and friends last night. Good times xo

Tell: Glasses from op shop, handmade necklace from a ‘Made in Italy’ silk picture found in an op shop, Photios Bros. beaded necklaces, vintage handmade dress from op shop, skivvy from op shop, Saba belt on sale, Japonica Barclay shoes on sale.

ShowTellShare Fifty


Tell: Emu Australia Design 1980s drop-waist dress from op shop, necklace gifted by Bec, Penguin Classics vinyl tote from UK, Fluevogs.

Share: The flash on the camera is playing up, so I have a bit of that ‘vaseline lense’ going on in these pictures. Although, potentially, this may actually also help soothe the eyes when looking at me wearing an *orange* *drop-waist* *1980s* dress! What can I say: I love this dress, even if I may be the only one! xo

ShowTellShare Thirty-One


Tell: Tatty Devine earring, Diane Freis top from Manly op shop (see how it’s the ‘matching’ top of the skirt I made into a dress here in STS16), Levis organic cotton jeans (I gave them the cuffs, I can barely handle jeans), Camper boots.

Share: Just a quick post, as I’m working at my university job today, and need to get cracking. I did want to take a moment however to *THANK YOU* so much for all the lovely comments about my newsletter update. I’m so glad you liked it and you got that it is about me being creative and giving information in a different, fun way. As you know, I really want to see The Social Studio set up in Sydney – and this was my own small way of sharing that hope. So ‘woot, woot!’ for you! And, because the age of commenting can now be across a multitude of social platforms, I just wanted to share with you a couple more encouraging comments from supporters:

“It is a great newsletter. I can’t remember the last time I read a newsletter from top to bottom!”

“Love the newsletter you sent through, very quirky.”


There were plenty of wonderful words, and I thank you each and every one. You see, you guys are like my new Tatty Devine earring from eBay; it’s based on a street sign from Japan (we got a photo when we were there last time, see below). By holding my hand, and being a support, you help me do better! OK sure, maybe a bit sappy, but I don’t care!! xo

ShowTellShare Twenty-Nine


Although it looks like I’m trying to pour tea on my dress, what in fact I’m attempting to show you my new Spin Dance petticoat! But alas, I was running late last night, so I’m afraid this is the best shot of my lovely teal petticoat I have for now. Hardly anything! Oh well, I’ll just have to wear it again soon…

Tell: Jean Lafont glasses, Photios brothers necklace with Tatty Devine brooch, Retrospec’d dress, Spin Dance petticoat, stocking from Japan, Fluevogs and my Amilya silver leather tea pot handbag from Himeji, Japan.

Share: We were off to a friend and his partner’s dinner party last night. As the boys were hosting us so graciously, I borrowed The Hawaiian First Officer’s Tatty Devine ‘Gilbert & George’ brooch to mark the occasion. As it turns out, one of our hosts had heard them recently in Melbourne when they were touring. And we had such a lovely evening with delightful company. Good times!

ShowTellShare Twenty-Seven


Tell: Glasses from op-shop, earrings from Japan, Tatty Devine necklace, vintage Studibaker Hawk dress, Trippen shoes from Rome, and Ken Done bag from Enmore op shop.

Share: We were off to Tilly’s Naming Day today. And, as the First Hawaiian Officer says that Tilly is like a little spirited tiger, I was inspired to wear my Tatty Devine tiger necklace as a tribute to her, and all that she can be in this world… She’s lovely!

ShowTellShare Twenty-Six


Tell: Jean LaFont glasses, Anna Davern earrings from Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art, Tatty Devine necklace, bodysuit from Berlin, Sportscarft belt, vintage Katies shorts from op-shop, Fluevogs.

Share: Sometimes, when I’m having a crisis of confidence, the best thing for me to do is put on a really big pair of *spectacular* earrings… And, some high-waisted shorts. (Then, go and spend time with my friends and loved ones.)

ShowTellShare Thirteen

Share: The sharing comes first today as I’ve been shortlisted in the top 10 for the Vodafone Foundation World of Difference program, and my interview is tomorrow. Being successful with this grant will allow me to work for a full year on setting up The Social Studio in Sydney. It’s such a great opportunity for us to move forward, so please wish me luck! Eeek! Importantly, a big thanks to David from the Slingsby Foundation and Benny from The School for Social Entrepreneurs for acting as referees for me: having people to support me and The Social Studio is a real energy boost at this early, critical stage.

Now with me looking after my Mum and step-Dad in Melbourne, I’m Skyping in, so the system has been tested today, and looks to work, which is the first relief. Here’s an insight for you into my nervous, and yet excited demeanour as I sat by the computer:

I’m wearing a dress I’ve had for years now, made by the African Women’s Sewing Circle in  Southern NSW… another great example of ethical fashion, locally made:

Show & Tell: And here too, is another great supporter and friend, Scottie. Imagine my *delight* when I ran into him last Tuesday in The Cutting Table quite by accident. We’ve known each other for years and years. Scottie is a photographer, and he’s now working in Collingwood. He tells me he comes into The Cutting Table every day for a banana smoothie. I was so excited, I asked him to send me a photo of him having one, so I could post it up on ShowTellShare. And as you can see, this is what Sydney needs too – happy faces like this:

As he said, “so good I finished it before he got back to the office!” Thanks lovely Scottie for sending me in a photo, and *mostly* for supporting The Social Studio too! xo xo

ShowTellShare Eleven

Share: I’m in Melbourne looking after my Mum who has just had some surgery, so things may be a bit quiet here on ShowTellShare for a week. The good news is Mum’s operation went well, so now I can just concentrate on looking after her. The *SECOND* good news is that, thanks to my trusty friends and supporters, I can still offer you some fashion fun and The Social Studio *goodness* today…

So check out darling Althea, who stopped by The Social Studio and The Cutting Table yesterday:


Tell: Now that’s what I call a great time: first a bit of quality food in The Cutting Table cafe, and then onto some fabulous Social Studio fashion! I think you’ll agree she looks to be having a pretty pleasant time, indeed! (And even better for you too: the remaining TSS4 clothing collection in stock is now 50% off, so you can pick yourself up a bargain as well.)

Thanks Althea for sharing xo xo