ShowTellShare One Hundred and Thirty-One

Show: Well, what a ripper of a day; and much of the *fun* came from wearing my high-waisted 1980s yellow *Mom-jeans* because…

Tell: Wa-Nyika earrings, necklace from op shop, top from Prahan near Chapel Street (a million years ago), singlet from op shop, jeans from op shop in Perth, Fluevog shoes.

Share: This afternoon Chloe and I met with Ross Longmuir who owns and runs, Planet in Surry Hills. Ross is a completely delightful and ethically-minded man, and he’s graciously offered to host a small party for The Social Outfit at his *beautiful* store and showroom in November. So Chloe, Ross and I met up to talk logistics and planning. I’m getting excited (and yes, nervous!) about the thought of a runway show displaying the amazing clothes of The Social Studio: all to highlight what we too could do here in Sydney with our talented young people from refugee communities …

My rather crappy Instagram-ming doesn’t do Planet nearly enough justice here… the space is really, really great!

A big thanks to you Ross: your generosity and support means the world to us! xo

And, as *luck* would have it, before meeting Ross, Chloe and I were having a coffee when who should sit right down next to me but Ronni Khan of OzHarvest: a social entrepreneur of considerable standing. Of course, I instantly knew who it was, but imagine my surprise when it was my yellow jeans and accessories that caught her eye: OzHarvest have just produced their first cookbook, and what do you know, yellow is a defining feature of it. So *thanks* to my 1980s jeans, Ronni and I got to have a chat and she was very supportive of The Social Studio and what we are aiming to do here in Sydney, so we’ll stay in touch. How *good* is that?! xo

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Nineteen

Show: Presenting, my new 1980s high-waisted wool check pants from a Mornington op shop, to celebrate National Op Shop Week:

Op Shops Forever!

Tell: LaFont glasses, earrings from op shop, Tatty Devine necklaces, gifted wrap top, American Apparel leotard, ‘My Fairway Lady’** high-waisted wool pants from Mornington Salvos, Happy Socks, Fluevog shoes.

** I’m pretty sure with that label these are not only golf pants, but golf pants with a bit of humour (i.e. ‘My Fair Lady’ becomes ‘My Fairway Lady’). Love It!

Share: And, today I met with Chloe Wilson, who *excitingly* is going to volunteer with us at The Social Outfit. Chloe comes with a background in business operations, and I can tell she a ‘get things done’ kinda of person. Thanks Chloe, welcome to the team! xo