ShowTellShare One Hundred and Ninety-Two

Show/Tell/Share: Check out Susan last Saturday doing some live window-modelling of The Social Studio clothing. Amongst other things, Susan is an aspiring modern dancer, so she was also showcasing her contemporary dance moves down at our Pop-Up Pilot at The Rocks


This dress was so truly suited to Susan’s own style and personality that she happily bought it in support of The Social Studio and The Social Outfit. A beautiful butterfly-inspired-dress for a talented young woman…


Thanks for working with us, Susan! Here is what she wrote about the experience:

My favourite part of The Social Studio fashion is the mixture of different colours that is so contemporary, with a link to cultural inspiration. Working with The Social Outfit means getting along with everyone, and it meant I felt comfortable and confident.


Then on Thursday and Friday last week I had my two-day induction as part of the Vodafone Foundation ‘World of Difference’ paid charity leave. Here’s me and two of my *wonderful* fellow WOD’ers – we’ve just finished telling our story for about the tenth time, and to many of the interested staff at Vodafone Headquarters, including the CEO – so no wonder we’re smiling and looking relieved!


On my left is the *darling* Loren O’Keefe from Missing Persons’ Advocacy Network (Melbourne) and the ‘Dan Come Home’ Campaign. On my right is the *bold and bright* Julliette Wright from Givit (Brisbane). Our fourth buddy, not pictured, is Ian Davis from MND and Me Foundation. Right now Ian is riding the ‘million meters ride’ on a two-person, purpose-built, bike from Brisbane to Sydney. Good luck, Ian! (For more about me and my three fellow participants a good snapshot is here, at Vodafone Foundation ‘World of Difference’.)

Last Friday evening we opened for some late-night shopping and a bit of a community catch up. Here’s just a few fun pics from the night…


*Thanks* for your joy and hope lovelies pictured here, and others!

And given that we will close our pop-up doors this Friday evening, 10 May 2013, we’re going to have a small last *hoorah* for all the support and love Sydney-siders have shown from 5.30pm. Follow our The Social Outfit Facebook page for updates…

ShowTellShare Fifty-Seven


Tell: Glasses from Japan, earrings from op shop, Table Eight dress from op shop, New Look 1980s jumper from op shop, Estilio belt, Happy Socks, Fluevogs, GlamourPuss handbag from FasterPussycat.

Share: My university work is research-based, and deals broadly with education and young people**. Today I went and listened to my friend and colleague Ian Davis give a great paper about his project, Teaching Men. I love the chance that university can offer in allowing people to *really* study something deeply. It’s a chance to rigorously investigate aspects of our lives with the hope of offering new solutions, or new insights into complex issues. Needless to say, I throughly enjoyed Ian’s work.

And as for me, well I think you can see how *happy* I am that we’re entering winter; as now I have the chance to showcase some pretty fantastic 1980s oversize jumpers I’ve collected from op shops over the years…

** You can see also how some of my university work is great for The Social Studio development work too: as TSS is also about education and training, often for young people from refugee backgrounds. FTW!