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Show: Meet the young people from Fairfield High School! We’re so *pleased* at The Social Outfit to be working with this fantastic group in our fashion workshop program …


Pictured here are nine of the twelve young people who are working with us for the next eight weeks (and our fabulous fashion teacher, Emma, of course!). Almost all of these young people attend the Intensive English Centre (IEC) at Fairfield High School, learning both English literacy skills and the Australian education system. As a person whose learnt languages before, I’m *super* impressed with their willingness to jump on in and start interacting with Emma and me. And let me tell you, these young people have some great ideas about fashion and their own style. I’m really looking forward to seeing what we develop together.

Below is Emma when she and I were collecting supplies from Greenfield for our sewing workshops last week. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to work with Emma and learn from her expertise from WEFTshop.


And please check out below my new leggings that I bought at The Social Studio when I was there last week. These leggings showcase The Social Studio’s new digital printing capabilities, and the artwork is designed by one of their students. I love them! This is what I wore for our first Fairfield High School program day. Particularly *great* was when one young person asked if my neck got sore from wearing such heavy jewellery! I explained to him I’ve had years of *dedicated training* in large accessory wearing, so I’m doing just fine!

P1040467Tell: Handmade earrings and necklace, shrug from thrift store in the UK, Uniqlo skivvy, handmade dress found in op shop, The Social Studio leggings, Fluevog boots.


And here’s me on Friday, at some city meetings and working hard on The Social Outfit‘s longer-term plans. *Claps of joy* for wearing shorts in winter! xo


Tell: Wa-Nyika earrings, The Social Studio digital print silk scarf, skivvy from op shop, ‘Jody’ jacket from op shop, handmade necklace, Katies shorts from op shop, Jonathan Aston tights, retail tights underneath, Lacoste sample boots, Ken Done tote. Brooches: toucan from Canberra, parrot from op shop, flamingo from Melbourne.


ShowTellShare One Hundred and Ninety-Five

Sunday: A beautiful autumn day in Sydney…


To have some fun, and celebrate my birthday…


Yesterday we spent part of the day checking out some fabulous art at the Art Gallery of NSW. Not surprisingly, I responded *well* to the more colourful works…


It’s like looking into a mirror…


These artworks photographed are by Ugo Rondinone.


Artwork by Sol LeWitt.

And *naturally* I was celebrating the day of my birth by wearing some new, vintage Ken Done. This 1980s shirt had found it’s way to Italy, when I then bought it back recently via eBay to its Sydney home, probably some 10 or 20 years later. I just love it! And, of course, I was also wearing some handmade work from Abuk at The Social Studio.

STS 195-1

Tell: Handmade earrings, Uniqlo skivvy, Ken Done vintage 1980s shirt, brooch gifted, necklace gifted for my birthday, vintage belt from UK, Tatty Devine bracelet, handmade bracelet made by Abuk from The Social Studio, ‘Diamonds Ain’t a Girls Best Friend’ ring from UK, Sportsgirl skirt from op shop, Jonathan Aston stockings, Happy Socks, Fluevog boots, and Tatty Devine balloon leather necklace.

STS 195-2

Artwork by Ugo Rondinone, adjusted here by the *spectacular* Hawaiian First Officer and me.

And then, because I’ve been a little ‘light on’ with outfit posts recently, here’s some from the last few days…

Saturday: An ongoing love with secondhand 1980s Escada…


Tell: Handmade earrings, Kmart skivvy, vintage Escada shirt, Anthea Crawford skirt from op shop, Jonathan Aston tights, tights underneath from Japan and Fluevog boots.

STS 195-3



Tell: Earrings from op shop, Saba skivvy, Leona Edmiston dress from op shop, Tatty Devine cat bangle as necklace, Estilio belt, Sportsgirl tights as gift, borrowed socks from the HFO, Fluevog shoes, Tatty Devine balloon bag, gifted ‘Frida Kahlo’ bag.

Just me enjoying my mis-matched, but still matching earrings!

STS 195-4

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Seventy-Six

Share: The Social Outfit eBay auction-extravaganza is getting closer and closer every day… Bargains! Ken Done! Vintage! 1980s! Doing *good*! Helping The Social Outfit! So many points of exclamation!

The auctions start closing this Saturday… Good Luck and thanks for your support! All money raised (less eBay fees) goes directly to supporting The Social Outfit xo


Here’s Kit yesterday wearing her Mum’s vintage dress… STS_176_2

And last night The Social Outfit team had a board meeting. Check out Sarah… her dress is from a social enterprise working with African communities in France. Gorgeous! And *bless* the gang for always being willing for me to take photos; I just love showing you how many there of us involved and how hard we are working…



Tell: Lafont glasses, Wa-Nyika earrings, Tatty Devine necklace, handmade necklace, The Social Studio singlet, Diane Freis 1980s skirt from op shop (made into a dress by me), stockings from Japan, House of Holland socks, Fluevog boots.

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Showing My Ken Done Love as we launch our *Ken Done auctions for The Social Outfit!Check out all the *goodies* set to find new, exciting homes! These pieces online are the last gems of Ken Done donated by enthusiasts during our What Ken Be Done year. Plus, we’ve added some *extra* fun vintage bits and pieces we hope you might like… All money raised will go to supporting The Social Outfit


This was me on Wednesday night, off to see two spectacular films as a part of QueerScreen. The first was the premier of Aquaporko!, a documentary story of “Melbourne’s fat femme synchronized” swim team. And the film lived up to the description: it was SO *delightful*! The theatre was packed with supporters and nothing beats ‘wooping’ aloud in a cinema to show your appreciation. And then there was an older, brilliant documentary on the life of Leigh Bowery, whom I’ve loved for years. He was a dressing genius!

The timing of these events seemed quite serendipitous. Because apart from our own Ken Done auctions, I was also wearing Ken Done on Wednesday to pay my own tribute to the artwork of Kelli Jean Drinkwater, who is also the director of Aquaporko! Check out below the *stunning* art-piece Kelli Jean has produced of Ken Done appreciation…


Copyright, Kelli Jean Drinkwater (Australian artist, activist and filmmaker). Photo by Penelope Benton.

And titled here, by JGRuddock as, “One of the Most Fabulous Pieces of Artwork, EVER.” xo

So there you go. Happiness all round! And now while I skooch off again to keep at these funding deadlines, please help spread the word of our Ken Done and vintage auctions. All money raised (less auction fees) goes directly to The Social Outfit. And supporting us means *doing good in a fashion*… xo xo


Tell: Tatty Devine necklace, robot necklace from Young Bloods markets, Ken Done vintage t-shirt from eBay, Ken Done 1980s skirt from eBay, Jonathan Aston tights, retail socks, Fluevog boots, vintage Ken Done makeup case.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Seventy-One

Share: The Social Outfit just got ourselves an ‘Authority to Fundraise’. Hooray! And why might you be interested? Because within the coming weeks the final 20 or so donated pieces of Ken Done from What Ken Be Done will be up for auction! And all for the benefit of The Social Outfit… Let me explain a little more first…

So, you’re a charity (i.e. got your DGR status and tax concession). That means now you can *fundraise like a fiend*, yeah? Well, NO!

One more form, people! In NSW, if you want to fundraise (i.e. ethically ask people for money via campaigns and request for donations… *NOT* hassling, mind you), you need an ‘Authority to Fundraise‘. You fill in forms from the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, and show how you are legitimately doing charitable work. Then a little bit later, they let you know it’s OK, and you can begin fundraising. The Social Outfit got our confirmation this week. Yee-haw!

So if you, or anyone you know, wants some (more) *GOLD* pieces from my Ken Done fashion archive, you’ll soon have your chance. All the money raised (other than the auction fee) will go straight to The Social Outfit! And we’re going to use the money for our pilot program (supported by the City of Sydney). As soon as Kit gets the auctions live, we’ll let you know. You get Ken Done, and WE all get to support creative, great programs celebrating people from our refugee communities in Sydney. I like it!

So, in short: things here are MIGHTY busy, I can tell you…

Also, Kit got her hair cut. It’s *fun*, it’s got *verve*, and we have the photos to show, of course… xo




Tell: Wa-Nyika earrings, Ken Done scarf handmade by Susan, The Social Studio silk dress, Ken Done leggings, retail socks, Fluevog shoes.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Sixty




Share: New Ken Done frames! I think you can see I was clearly excited about taking these *1980’s-oversize-spectacle-gems* out for their first-wearing-day, and attired myself accordingly with joy…

… BirdMonkey, I partially blame you for yesterday’s outfit, re-inspired as I was after seeing those early 1980s pictures of Nicole K. and her mates in jumpsuits! (See comments here.) Love! xo


Tell: Ken Done for CanTeen headscarf, Ken Done glasses from eBay (for a bargain! Woot, woot!), earrings from an op shop, Tatty Devine necklace, retail singlets, ‘Easy St.’ jumpsuit from Newtown Red Cross op shop, retail socks, Fluevog boots (oh so 1980s Electric Blue!). Jenny Kee vintage bag.


ShowTellShare One Hundred and Forty-Seven

Share: Here’s me, keepin’ on keeping on… (and, in the *spirit of the 80s*, of course…) xo

Show 1: Today…

Tell 1: Handmade earrings, Tatty Devine brooch as necklace, 1980s Esprit oversize shirt, Sportscraft belt, skirt from Kmart, Uniqlo leggings, retail socks, Fluevog shoes.

Show 2: Yesterday…

Tell 2: Anthea Crawford 1980s dress jacket gifted by Susan and from an op shop, retail singlet, Tatty Devine ‘Gilbert & George’ brooch (borrowed from FHO), Ken Done skirt made by The Social Studio (for What Ken Be Done), Saba belt, retail tights, socks borrowed from the FHO, Fluevog shoes.


ShowTellShare One Hundred and Fourteen

Show/Share: Back to the Sydney hood, and back into The Social Outfit! I was out tonight to the Newtown Precinct Business Association website launch at Dendy Newtown. David Moutou and I were invited from the Sydney Outfit as a chance to speak with Newtown business locals about the opportunity of us starting up The Social Outfit fashion social enterprise in Newtown. And with the vibe and interest tonight, we can see why! Lots of fun, and *joyously* my new The Social Studio dress proved popular with Inner Westies (fashion hood not necessarily worn as below all night!!) xo

And just *because*; some close-up detail of the HIGH level of red and pink matching, via my favourite Ken Done glasses… EXTRA BIG SHOT FOR EXTRA BIG JOY… xo

Tell: Ken Done vintage glasses, The Social Studio dress (on sale too – grab yourself a bargain with the current sale!), Uniqlo skivvy, toucan brooch from the Hive in Canberra, Fluevog boots.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Three

Show/Share: I’m not sure what to say other then I *really* do still love Ken Done fashion and colour. The evidence is clear, I think… I hope… xo

Tell: Ken Done glasses, Wa-Nyika earrings, scarf gifted by my sister-in-law, Dangerfield skivvy dress (bought when I was all of 19, I think), Ken Done cardigan, belt from op shop, Ken Done skirt handmade, Caledonia tights, Happy Socks, Fluevog boots.

ShowTellShare Ninety-Nine

Show: Animated Panda Leggings. It just screams *Saturday Night* to me! xo

Off to a darling friend’s birthday party…

Tell: Ken Done glasses, handmade earrings, Jessica Dance necklace, Carla Zampatti silk jacket, Uniqlo skivvy, Saba skirt as dress, Katies skirt from op shop, Black Milk leggings, Fluevogs, vintage Oroton glomesh purse from Fairfield op shop ($12 of joy!).

Share: *Technically* my eyebrows are purple here, but I’m just not sure the colour is coming through enough… may need to test more! And, of course, the *beloved* Ken Done large 1980s frames. I love. The Hawaiian First Officer does not. Fantastic!

Hope you are enjoying your *good* self this evening xo

ShowTellShare Sixty-Eight

Show: This The Social Studio skirt/dress is such a delight: I love the colours, and how I can play with stylings (see also here and here). Every time I don it on, I *instantly* feel fun and creative…

Tell: Glasses from op shop, Jean Couture Melbourne silk jacket from second hand store in Tasmania, handmade necklace, Kamikaze top from op shop, The Social Studio ‘Magical Tent Collection’ silk skirt as dress, Saba belt, Black Milk leggings, Fluevogs.

Share: *Good* to see too that yesterday the Sydney Costume Designer came back for some vintage oversize Ken Done jumpers for this ad-in-the-works. Apparently the Ad Director insisted on these cultural icons! I, of course, can see exactly why: we call it *Ken Done Gold*:

Yesterday was World Refugee Day. And as I said in my Twitter update (@JGRuddock), quoting the Refugee Council of Australia, “Every individual’s ‘refugee story’ is different”. This is why I think The Social Studio model offers something special in the mix of Australian support: the chance to be creative, to have people’s strengths celebrated, and to contribute in an *exciting* way into the creative industries of Australia today. xo

ShowTellShare Sixty-Four

Show: What’s this? A *HUGE* pile of my Ken Done collection… But what’s it doing in a suitcase? Where could it be going, you say?

Tell: Glasses from Japan, Ken Done vintage shirt (from eBay), Tatty Devine necklace, Ken Done vintage jacket, skirt from op shop, Fluevog boots (a birthday gift), Ken Done vintage bag.

Share: So thanks to the success of What Ken Be Done – specifically that if you search ‘Ken Done’ in google images, there are heaps of pictures of me in The Guru’s clothing from my 365-day-KD-odyssey – well, this week I got contacted out of the blue by a Sydney-based costume designer. And do know what she wanted? This fashion professional wanted to hire some of my vintage Ken Done collection for an advert she is shooting. That’s right, I just got paid like, *actual* money so this lovely lady can use my Ken Done *gold* in an ad you’ll soon see on television!

And do you know what is the best part? Well, the money I make from this fun deal goes straight into spending time and energy to keep working on setting up The Social Studio model here in Sydney. My Ken Done Love is still helping The Social Studio dream: now *that’s* doing good in a fashion!

So, in celebration, I donned on some *new-vintage* Ken Done, and I’m going out!

Yeah, I’m pretty happy today… Ken Done and The Social Studio, For The Win!! xo

ShowTellShare Sixty


Tell: Vintage Versace shirt from op shop, necklace from op shop, Saba skivvy, ‘Creaciones Natian’ Mexican skirt from second-hand store Santa Barbara US, Spin Dance petticoat (underneath), Fluevogs.

Share: I love this skirt. I can’t believe I never showed it during What Ken Be Done, but I was never quite able to coordinate an outfit with this Mexican *gem* and The KD Master. And then today I end up pairing it 1990s Versace… All in all, a perfect outfit for this Friday.