ShowTellShare One Hundred and Twenty-Six

Show: If any day feels like a *finance day* it’s a Monday; so I’m off to M.H. Carnegie & Co. to get cracking on our financial modelling options… How I love expert advice!

Tell: Ken Done glasses, Ken Done necklace, aqua beaded necklace from op shop, leotard from Berlin, The Social Studio top, Anthea Crawford skirt from op shop, Sportsgirl stockings gifted by my Mum, Fluevog boots.

Share: And, more generally, a short reflection list entitled, ‘Things I’m learning about myself by trying to maintain a WordPress Blog’:

  1. I have persistence; which I personally think comes from years of honing my skills in searching for *gold* in op-shops! So yesterday I  installed a better subscription service: it’s that *Follow* button on the bottom right hand side (for those already not subscribed), but I had to have a very *serious fight* with my computer for many hours. So boring! By 11pm I finally sorted it, with teeth gritted and a bullish attitude (i.e. “Apple-Option-Esc… I said APPLE-OPTION-ESCAPE!!!”). Phew!
  2. Apparently I don’t Google-search like anyone else in the world does; because I hardly ever find useful links immediately (which sucks when trying to solve problems). This is in stark contrast to The First Hawaiian Officer who literally finds anything needed online in seconds. Pffffh.
  3. I *LOVE* the support and joy of our growing online community here: across the blog, Facebook page and Twitter. Yesterday some of you let me know when the issues were cropping up (and then even still took the time to say nice things to me). So an ONGOING thanks too for your patience, and for coming back here and keeping me company. You rock!

I also had my brother in town again last night, and it was *lovely* getting to see him. How he makes me smile! xo

Tell: Ken Done sunglasses, handmade earrings, gifted scarf from my sister-in-law, vintage Hawaiian top from op shop, Katies shirt from op shop, Levis jeans from US, Linda Jackson bag.

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Twenty-Four

Show: What a busy day! Thank *goodness* I was wearing the ELECTRIFYING powers of The Social Studio fashion label to get me through all the work and fun…

It feels like we have a new main character involved with The Social Outfit, so I thought I should show you who I am talking about. Meet volunteer Chloe. She and I met today to continue the planning work for a small supporter event we’re holding in November. I can’t tell you how good it feels to have another capable ‘hand on deck’ to join me and the Board as we bring The Social Outfit to life…

Share: So first up today I met with Julie Rosenberg from M.H. Carnegie & Co. Thanks to Julie, they’ve come on board to help us with some financial modelling and business planning. So fantastic: numbers count!

Next, I also met with Melanie Noden (CEO) and Sandy Killick (Employment Assistance Program Coordinator) at the Asylum Seekers Centre in Surry Hills, who are also very happy to look at the ways we can partner and work together. Tops!

All in all, an exciting time. Naturally, I was wearing The Social Studio to give me energy; as well as what I’ve decided is ‘Business-Eyebrow-Colouring’: just the edges to keep it low-key… (tee hee hee)…

And finally – as you might imagine, I read many a fashion blog, and some of my favourite fun-fashion-wearers (like Misfits Vintage and Pull Your Socks Up and Helga Von Trollop) are doing a ‘tea cup and tutu’ theme. They have well and truly planted a seed in my subconscious, because as I was travelling on the bus to my morning meeting today I realised I *too* was wearing a tutu (ish), and I could get involved… So here’s me in a top by The Social Studio, a tutu and a Ken Done mug, *naturally*…

Last, but never least, CONGRATULATIONS to The Social Studio for reaching their $16,500 crowd-funding appeal for a new Melbourne store front. Just take a read of the comments and you’ll see what an impact The Social Studio is having in Melbourne… what an *opportunity* too for Sydney, with all our ongoing work! xo xo

Tell: Glasses from op shop, Tatty Devine earrings and brooch (as necklace), The Social Studio shirt, gifted Estilio belt, Review skirt on sale, Caledonia stockings, Fluevog boots.