ShowTellShare One Hundred and Twenty-Seven


Tell: Ken Done glasses, Tatty Devine earrings and necklace, gold beaded necklace gifted by my Grandmother, ‘York Reine’ silk jacket, The Social Studio dress gifted by Jo, belt from op shop, The Social Studio *GOLD* leggings, Trippen shoes from Berlin outlet.

Share: Today’s post is really all about the jacket. I found it in the Cat Protection op shop in Enmore. It makes me happy. By buying it, I (1) kept up the recycling-chain-of *fun* clothing, and (2) protected cats. That’s all *good* in my book! xo

ShowTellShare Ninety-Three


Tell: Necklace gifted by my Dad from Africa, dress-jacket from op shop (label long gone), Jill Fitzsimmon dress from op shop, Saba belt, Lacoste sample boots.

Share: There are some pieces in my wardrobe that I’ve had for years, like probably a decade, that I haven’t yet worn but that I also can’t get rid of because I know they have *potential*. Today’s dress-jacket** is one such example. **OK, I know it’s really a dressing gown, but as you well know, that’s not going to stop me wearing it to work!

I found this ‘jacket’ in an op-shop somewhere, and I’ve always loved it for the graphic poster prints from the 1920s etc. I think it’s because it’s more ‘muted’ in colour that I haven’t yet taken it out for a ‘spin’. Well, until today. And, as I walked into my coffee local, for the morning caffeine, a woman who works there saw me and said, ‘My Mum used to have that dressing gown! Wow.’ And then she get’s this look as memories come to her. Ah, clothing, holder of so many stories…. xo