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Tell: Green earrings gifted by Kirsten from China, Wa-Nyika pink earrings, handmade orange beaded necklace, vintage beaded necklace from Santa Barbara, The Social Studio silk dress, Estilio leather belt, 1980s ‘Maggie T‘ dress from second-hand store, retail tights and Fluevog boots.


Share: Today I met with some lovely staff within the Sydney Institute, TAFE NSW, to progress our working relationship. An important part of The Social Studio education model is the provision of TAFE-accredited, nationally-recognised training in the areas of fashion, retail and hospitality. At The Social Outfit in Sydney, we want to make sure we can also provide such integral support as well; so we’re all working hard to make it happen. Plus, I’m just a big believer in vocational and ‘on the job’ training as a key part of education and skills development here in Australia generally. So *hooray* TAFE! And in the meantime, we’ll keep progressing on our formal arrangements…

ShowTellShare One Hundred and Five

Show: Out and about in a vintage Prue Acton designer dress, with pockets, and collar detailing. Love it!

Tell: Glasses from op shop, Tatty Devine necklace and earrings, Prue Acton vintage dress, Sportscraft belt, leopard-skin stockings, Fluevog boots.

Share: I’m a public transport using gal. And most of the time that works out just wonderfully. But the thing is, I don’t really know my right from my left, so unless I’m super prepared I can often get myself completely lost, especially in situations where *normal* people would have no issue (I’m using The Hawaiian First Officer as my judge of normal here. And yes, even with the help of Google Maps). Why am I telling you this? Well because I got myself completely lost today, making me late to meet with the lovely Cara Levinson, Community Development Coordinator for City of Syndey Council, working at Green Sqaure. Fortunately, I sorted out a solution – yes, Cara just came and found me! – and then we had a great meeting and chat.

Then next I was off to meet with Camilla Couch, TAFE Outreach Coordinator of Sydney Institute. I got to meet many of the other TAFE Outreach workers as well, and we had a wonderful time talking through the logistics of The Social Outfit. These women know their TAFE stuff in and out, and were very welcoming and warm.

So, all in all, a *good* day. Sounds like we’re heading in the right direction 😉 xo