ShowTellShare One Hundred and Forty-Three

Sneak peek! Just a short post as we count down to our supporter event this Thursday evening. Nervous! Excited!

Here’s a couple of deliberately blurry, but hopefully *fun* in-situ photos from the Monday evening rehearsal night. You can see stylist Sindy from Africa Konnect, just a couple of the *great* young people who will be our models on the night, and some of us from The Social Outfit. It was SO lovely to meet our models, and everyone’s getting excited now…

Also, in the true spirit of *community support*, a SUPER thanks to William from the Mahjong Room for letting us use his restaurant(!) space with short-notice to sort out outfits and practice for our big day.

Please on Thursday night wish us *luck*, and we’ll share with you how it all goes, of course! This night begins our more public journey of showing people what The Social Outfit could be in Sydney, and how we could work with fun, fashion and creativity with our refugee communities.

Photos from the night will be up on the weekend in full. If you want other sneak-peeks, then like our ShowTellShare Facebook page, or check out Twitter with #TSOShow.

And because being busy can often come all at one time, here’s me today as I race off to university for a conference (including me giving a paper on Friday – eeek!). Of course, I’m wearing The Social Studio. I’m totally in the *vibe* now! 😉 xo