ShowTellShare Fifty-Seven


Tell: Glasses from Japan, earrings from op shop, Table Eight dress from op shop, New Look 1980s jumper from op shop, Estilio belt, Happy Socks, Fluevogs, GlamourPuss handbag from FasterPussycat.

Share: My university work is research-based, and deals broadly with education and young people**. Today I went and listened to my friend and colleague Ian Davis give a great paper about his project, Teaching Men. I love the chance that university can offer in allowing people to *really* study something deeply. It’s a chance to rigorously investigate aspects of our lives with the hope of offering new solutions, or new insights into complex issues. Needless to say, I throughly enjoyed Ian’s work.

And as for me, well I think you can see how *happy* I am that we’re entering winter; as now I have the chance to showcase some pretty fantastic 1980s oversize jumpers I’ve collected from op shops over the years…

** You can see also how some of my university work is great for The Social Studio development work too: as TSS is also about education and training, often for young people from refugee backgrounds. FTW!