ShowTellShare One Hundred and Seventy-Seven

Share: I feel a lot like I’m chasing my tail at the moment; round and round with many things to get done on my ever-growing ‘To-Do’ list… which is why it sometimes pays to throw on some vintage Hawaiiana on a Sunday, and just try to relax…



And I wasn’t alone in this fashion-choice of the day, with the First Hawaiian Officer sporting a *fabulous* reverse-print Hawaiian shirt. Can you believe we found this *gem* in an op shop in Oahu?! Reverse-print Hawaiian shirts became a style around the 1970s (I think), as a more ‘subdued’ alternative to the bold Hawaiian print; often worn as ‘business wear’**. So in other words, the print is just done by wearing the pattern inside out, and the fabric is is still usually pretty bold and fab! I love them… This a ‘subdued’ shirt? I don’t think so!

** Naturally, my lessons in Hawaiiana all come directly from the ‘FHO’, so I’m paraphrasing…


Tell: Ken Done sunglasses, handmade earrings (re-crafted from necklace in op shop), ‘Royal Creations’ vintage Hawaiian dress found in op-shpp, Saba leather belt, retail sandals. Tote from the Honolulu Academy of Arts.


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ShowTellShare Sixty-Six


Tell: Lafont glasses, vintage Hawaiian Varsity Jacket gifted by the First Hawaiian Officer, 1970s apple-perfume necklace gifted from my Mum, necklace from op shop, Ojay top, Dragstar denim skirt, Sportscraft leather belt, Happy Socks, vintage 90s Fluevogs.

Share: Despite looking like I’m auditioning myself for a low-fi ‘Grease’ musical production, I actually spent the afternoon shooting the breeze with a dear friend of mine. A lovely casual Sunday, really. Mahalo xo